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Open Letter: John Hagee’s Pool: Swim At Your Own Risk; No Lifeguard On Duty

November 16, 2010

Open Letter: John Hagee’s Pool: Swim At Your Own Risk; No Lifeguard On Duty

November 16, 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We, Melodye Feldman and I, Rob Prince, are writing to invite you to join us on Sunday evening, November 21st to respectfully protest outside of the Jewish Federation Men’s Event.

This annual event, hosted by Federation and underwritten by Larry Mizel, selects a keynote speaker to raise money for the Jewish Federation. It usually draws upwards of 1200 attendee’s. More and more, the Men’s Event has been keynoted by speakers with a very conservative – right agenda.

This year the Federation invited the Reverend John Hagee, but due to a large outcry from both within and outside of the Jewish Community he was subsequently uninvited.

The Federation underestimated the outrage of inviting someone into the community who has espoused anti- semitic, homophobic, anti-Islam/Muslim and racist remarks over and over again in his speeches and writings.

Unfortunately, we have just learned that the Federation has invited David Brog to speak in Hagee’s place. By inviting Brog, we are still getting Hagee, someone who will most probably whitewash Hagee’s record. We see virtually no difference between Hagee and Brog as speakers. David Brog is the Executive Director of Reverend Hagee’s organization, Christian’s United for Israel (CUFI).

Brog himself is Jewish. As a result, the Federation argues he has the right to speak on behalf of Hagee and the relationship between the Christian Zionist Movement and their “love” of and “desire” to stand by the Jewish faith in support of the State of Israel.

Friends, although CUFI claims it does not proselytize as a part of its work, there is considerable evidence to the contrary. A good number of their past and present directors and board members are wholehearted involved in `bringing Jews to Jesus’.

CUFI also lobbies in Washington for extreme rightwing foreign policy positions. David Brog knows this.

Yet he believes that the means justify the end: Brog is willing to live with the knowledge and understanding that many of the Pastor’s that sit on the CUFI board, John Hagee included, continue to put out antisemitic, anti- gay, racist views because they financially support the State of Israel even while they are actively trying to convert Jews to become Jews for Jesus.

David Brog and many Jews in the larger established Jewish organizations continue to befriend this movement with the belief that “anyone who is willing to support the State of Israel” and to back it financially is a “friend” regardless of the hate they spew and the anti-ism’s that they speak.

Years ago Jewish organizations such as ADL, AJC, the Jewish Federation and AIPAC strongly condemned the venomous words and actions that these “Christian Right” pastors spouted. But today the Jewish Community not only remains silent – they embrace and honor these people and they remain silent or try to “explain away” what was meant when tapes and videos appear with their vile remarks.

David Brog is an enabler of John Hagee and his organization – Christians United For Israel. As such he can be considered little more than `Hagee-lite, at worst, Hagee in sheep’s clothing so to speak.

We believe in free speech. We believe that David Brog has a right to speak.

We also believe in the right to protest his speech, with an eye on educating the Jewish Community about CUFI, Hagee and Brog.

We cannot stand silently by while David Brog gives credibility and support to individuals and organizations like Hagee and CUFI, giving voice to their hate.

We will be standing outside of the men’s event to protest as a Jew against David’s remarks. We believe that he and CUFI are dangerous to the Jewish Community.

We will not be silent concerning organizations who allow their leader and board members to espouse hate and violence against segments of the population.

Please join us for this silent vigil.


Melodye (Feldman) and Rob (Prince)


The  Jewish Federation’s Men’s Event begins at 6 pm at

Wings Over The Rockies Air And Space Museum

7711 E. Academy Blvd, Denver

We will be there with signs by 5:15. …. join us


Supplementary Materials…

Allies That Come With A Cost – (an October 15, 2010 op ed by Dr. David Schneer, Director of Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder that appeared in The Jewish Daily Forward )

Some Background Materials on John Hagee and David Brog (prepared by Rachel Tabachnick) Hagee – Brog

Denver: Keep Fighting And Educating (a wealth of material on Hagee-Brog) and all with just one click!

Announcement For the Men’s Event With Brog as keynote

It Gets Better – (a piece by Michael Kadovitz of Denver that appeared in the North Denver Tribune November 3, 2010)

The Second Coming of John Hagee To Denver (R. Prince blog entry – September 13, 2010)

John Hagee: Second Coming Cancelled; Rapture Delayed (R. Prince blog entry – September 30, 2010)

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  1. November 16, 2010 4:34 pm

    This, in an email from Dr. Elissa Tivona of Ft. Collins, CO

    Dear Rob and Melodye –

    Thank you for your bold and important letter. I applaud this and every other attempt to encourage the Federation and our Jewish kin to wake up. I agree with the many excellent points you make in your letter, and I would add a few additional ones. From my perspective, it is inconceivable that anyone in Jewish community – any individual or any organization from liberal to ultra-conservative – can consider Hagee Israel’s ally. Have we essentially forgotten that over-zealous Christianity in Europe ultimately lit the match that fueled the Shoah? To believe Hagee and CUFI have the longevity of the Jewish people at heart is ultimate denial. In fact, among the rank and file of CUFI are the folks most eager to usher in the second coming of their messianic savior over the dead bodies of Jews and Arabs alike. This is not exactly the ending I had in mind for the Israeli enterprise.

    The Federation would be well-advised to research Hagee and the evangelical agenda of Armageddon (see! I feel deeply betrayed by those in my own community who are willing to sacrifice Jewish integrity for Hagee’s millions. “Emperor” Hagee is parading around naked, and those pointing the finger at this fact should be heeded at all cost.

    Those who support the fraud do so at the peril of all of us.

    Dr. Elissa J. Tivona
    Fort Collins, CO

  2. November 16, 2010 4:36 pm

    This from an irreverent friend in California by email:


    I regret to inform you i cannot attend Sunday, I’ll be in church pleading on bent knees that Jebus might save my soul from my otherwise certain eternal damnation… I would also like to take this opportunity to speak with you about the Lord… Rob have you ask Jebus for forgiveness for your sins and accepted him as your personal savior ??? Bet not many people have asked you those questions, now have they…

    Always. your very sick and twisted

  3. November 16, 2010 4:42 pm

    assorted comments from people by email

    “right on” … a denver lawyer

    “thanks. incredible, what an amazing situation’… a denver educator

    “I’m planning on coming; I’ll try to make up a new sign as well”… a denver actor

    “What a slimey tactic borne of pure ego, don’t you think? Mizel knows
    he’ll lose the people who protested Hagee (and their $, which
    obviously he could care less about) with this replacement.” …a denver photographer

    “nice letter and plan…on another subject would you consider working with me on a speaking engagement in Denver to share my direct experience of the Canadian health care system?” …a doctor, formerly of Denver, now practicing in Canada

  4. November 18, 2010 4:09 pm

    This from a former student of mine from the days when I taught at Metro State College of Denver. She now lives in Alabama…

    ” I agree with your latest post on the Israeli fundraiser. I especially like that you are writing as a Jew (I could be wrong about this) for Jews to take a moderate stand on the militarism of Israel. This is an issue that I have wondered about for years. Where are the moderate Jewish voices? Isn’t there a large and vocal coalition of Jews for a peaceful, non-agressive Jewish state? I admit that my political and social activity has withered in recent years and I never did make a point of investigating answers to these questions myself, but one must love the serendipity of searching for a long-lost prof and stumbling upon them.”

  5. November 21, 2010 9:13 am

    This from Bob Kinsey, most recently the Colorado Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate:

    The Green Party of the United States holds a strong position in opposition to AIPAC control of US Foreign Policy and especially our blank check for Israel’s criminal behavior. You might want to join this vigil tonight

    Bob Kinsey “Unlimited Growth is the Ideology of a Cancer Cell” 303-949-4073


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