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Kazerooni and Prince on the prospects of the U.S. returning to the JCPOA (Iran Nuclear Deal) – A discussion with the Northern Colorado Alliance for a Livable World. Friday, December 10, 2021

December 12, 2021


John Kerry and Jawad Zarif at the signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in 2015. Will the USA return to the agreement and respect all of tis clauses?

There is a short part towards the beginning where my voice is muted but then it is corrected after a few minutes…That said, I think this is worth listening to… if only to hear what Ibrahim Kazerooni has to say…

A few days ago, the Iranians tabled two proposals to keep the talks alive. U.S. has not yet responded. Let us recall that it is the U.S. that withdrew from the agreement, not the Iranians or the Europeans. But without U.S. support, the Europeans are not implementing the terms of the agreement.

Rejoining the JCPOA

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