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Students at De Paul University protest treatment of Norman Finkelstein

June 14, 2007

Hollywood Florida

Apparently the students at De Paul University are not taking the President’s denial of tenure to Norman Finkelstein lying down. They have been been demonstrating in large numbers, have had a protest sit-in, have been dispersed by the police, have set up a website to update the world and seem intent on continuing their protests. There is another prof involved, also denied tenure whom the student are also supporting.

So the largely Catholic student body are standing up for their progressive Jewish prof, whose competency in his subject matter no one – not even the university president – seems to question. I might be mistaken, but the support that Finkelstein is enjoying, seems unprecedented. Of course it remains narrow – an indication of the modest weight that the peace movement enjoys in mainstream American society on this issue. It also gives a good sense of the degree to organizations like AIPAC/ADL/AJC enjoy broad based support and influence that some one like Deshowitz could influence a tenure decisions at a Catholic college in Chicago.

I wonder if there will be other Catholic voices that join in the protest?

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