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Two links worth reading, both by former Peace Corps friends – we were in Tunisia together more than 40 years ago.

November 18, 2009
  1. The first is by Michael Oudyn about how Beaujolais wine is a rip-off. Michael has drunk enough wine to be qualified as a world class expert. Unlike many of us who cut our wine tasting teeth on Thibar (a decent Tunisian Red – or at least it was 43 years ago), Michael actually knows alot about wines he imbibes. Drinking wine helps digesting both food and reading about the Silverado slime balls that I am exploring at present, helping the story go down more smoothly. Highly recommend it especially when I get to the antics of Ken Good, Bill Walters, and the great master of Colorado slime-ballery, then and now, Larry Mizel and the coterie of legal and political slim balls to whom he has been attached at the hip for decades. (Stay tuned). Click here for the link.
  2. The second is by Jean Athey. If I remember correctly Jean served in Tunisia’s far south, in Gabes, not far from the Libyan border. More recently, she has been active in peace movement in the Washington DC area for some time and recently went to Nablus – in the, perhaps, soon to be declared independent Palestinian state – where she participated in the olive harvest. Her writing about that experience is honest and painful, and so, once again, it helps to have Oudyn’s wine tips when reading it. Click here for the link.

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