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Local Response To The Goldstone Report: Juliet Wittman’s Letter To US Congresswoman Diana DeGette

November 27, 2009

Dear Diana DeGette:

I have read your letter on why you voted for H.Res. 867, and I find it both troubling and evasive. I have been an admirer of yours in the past, but that admiration has dissipated. I absolutely cannot understand why challenging and investigating war crimes should “drive people away from resuming negotiations toward a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” What people? And what will be the basis of those negotiations? You say the death of innocent civilians must end. How can that happen if those deaths–many of them paid for by our tax dollars–are papered over and ignored by our representatives in Congress?

You say you deplore inflammatory rhetoric. Have you read the Goldstone Report? It is a long, sober, and meticulously-researched document by one of the world’s most eminent jurists. It contains no rhetoric of any sort. Truthfully, it seems to me that you know very little about this issue. That being the case you should not, in good conscience, have voted at all.

I live in Boulder and I understand that my opinion need not concern you. (Jared Polis’s response to my questions was to e-mail me the Abraham Foxman ADL handout that apparently served as the only research he bothered to do). Still,you must be aware that after the bloody and terrible events of the previous century, the world’s most honorable thinkers–with the United States in the forefront–concluded that humanity’s last, best hope was international law. To deliberately weaken that law as you all have done is to invite further bloodshed and chaos.
Sincerely, Juliet Wittman, Boulder

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