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Where and What is Tanzania — Teaching High School Biology in Tanzania: A Peace Corps Volunteer Experience

April 1, 2019

Note: All of the following information was gathered from many internet sites including Wikipedia. Interesting Tanzania superlatives: The most continuous record of human evolution during the past 2 million years at Olduvai Gorge: Homo habilis, 1.9 million years ago (mya), Paranthropus boisei 1.8 mya, Homo erectus, 1.2 mya and Homo sapiens, 17,000 years ago. The […]

via Where and What is Tanzania — Teaching High School Biology in Tanzania: A Peace Corps Volunteer Experience

The “New Normal”…the NY Times Magazine Weighs in the Israeli Occupation; the Palestinian Narrative Hits the U.S. Mainstream

April 1, 2019

Palestinians in Israeli prisons


It is close to an acknowledgement that seventy-odd years of U.S. blind support and financial aid to Israel has left the United States in a hole in the Middle East where – if the results of the failed U.S. led effect to partition Syria are any indication – U.S. influence is on the wane. It suggests that much of the rationale often offered for the US-Israeli connection (“the only democracy in the Middle East,” nonsense about “shared values”) is bogus.


Yesterday, the Sunday NY Times Magazine published a long piece “How the Battle Over Israel and Anti-Semitism Is Fracturing the American Politics.” The title should read “How the Battle of Israel and the Palestinians is Fracturing the American Politics” but it is still too much for the NY Times to acknowledge the Palestinian cause in the title of an article. It is a  long and detailed article, more honest from where I am sitting than most pieces written on the subject that the Times has published, although recently, if the op-ed written by Michele Alexander suggests, “Time to Break the Silence on Palestine” there has been the beginnings of a shift.

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Algeria: How Far With The Changes Go? A Radio Interview With Rob Prince. KGNU, Boulder Colorado. March 26, 2019

March 27, 2019


Audio Interview – KGNU Hemispheres, Middle East Dialogues


(Above the audio interview. It begins at 1 minute and 37 seconds into the recording)

Concerning the program notes below: these are the notes I work off. Generally, and this case follows the rule, most of notes form the basis of the program.  Several people have asked me for them, so they are provided. The goal in this case was to introduce listeners to the historic demonstrations taking place in Algeria at present, some background to the current crisis, which is about much more than presidential elections in the country.)


After a twenty year hiatus “the Algerian Question” is back on the map

Hope to explore some themes related to the current events..

1. What is happening and why

2. Some general background for our listeners.

2. What I refer to as the ongoing crisis of legitimacy in Algeria

3. The U.S-Algeria Connection

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First Term U.S. Congressman Joe Neguse (Colorado, 2nd District) Joins Those In the House of Representatives Opposing U.S. Military Intervention in Venezuela.

March 25, 2019

Recently U.S. Congressman Joe Neguse (D-Colorado) told representatives of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center in Boulder Colorado that he will sign-on and become a co-sponsor of House Resolution 1004, this according to Peace Center organizer Carolyn Bninski.

Neguse is the first Eritrean-American elected to the United States Congress and Colorado’s first congressman of African descent. Over the past 40 years, the population of immigrants from the Horn of Africa living in Colorado has grown dramatically from a few hundred to possibly more than 40,000  all tolled. It includes Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis in the main. There is a strong concentration of them living east of Denver, in Aurora. Significant Somali communities live in Denver and Ft. Morgan. Read more…

The Result of the Mueller Report: “Trump Unleashed”

March 25, 2019


From Earth Day Demonstration, Denver, Colorado. March 25, 2017

Trump Unleashed: This Is How It Matters. by Bhadrakumar Mekulangara

Of course there will be a flood of commentaries about the Mueller Report. I hope you read the link above. It is by Indian (from India) retired diplomat, Bhadrakumar Melkulangara. For those of you who follow politics, which is most of you, I suggest that you find him on social media or follow his blog (link at his name above).  Along with Sarah Abed, who writes poignantly and with great wisdom on the geo-politics of what is happening in Syria (follow her too) and US machinations in the Middle East in general. Reading what thes two have to say is pretty much how I start the day getting my international news. Both are extremely sharp and know what they are talking about.

Anyhow, I can sum up my analysis of the consequences of the report rather succinctly. The title of Bhadrakumar Melkulangara’s article “Trump Unleashed” hits the main points well. All I am doing below is, as they saying goes, dotting some “i’s” and crossing some “t’s.” Read more…

Tues Evening on KGNU – “Algeria: A Historic Turn …or The Change Necessary To Maintain The Status Quo?” – Tues, March. 26, 2019 @6 pm Mountain Time

March 24, 2019

Algeria where on several recent Fridays, more than 1,000,000 people demonstrated against their president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, standing for a fifth term

Algeria: A Historic Turn …or The Change Necessary To Maintain The Status Quo

Hear Rob Prince* on KGNU Boulder (88.5 FM, 1390 AM, Streaming at on Hemispheres, Middle East Dialogues hosted by Jim Nelson, Tues, February 26, 2019 @ 6-7 pm Mountain States Time

The program is available for streaming/downloading tomorrow at KGNU’s archives

* Ibrahim Kazerooni, with whom Prince is a co-commentator on this program, is currently spending a month in Iraq, from whence he hails. Expect an updated analysis of the situation in Iraq – a political football between the United States and Iran (the United States is losing by the way) – on Ibrahim’s return.

The new faces of Jewish-American resistance to Israel by Azad Ezza

March 23, 2019

IfNotNow-organized demonstration to protest the Denver Jewish Federation’s failure to criticize the anti-Semitism spewed by Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign


“The American Jewish community has a racism problem,” Rebecca Pierce, Jewish American activist..


Author’s introductory note. I am republishing below a rather lengthy article “The New Faces of Jewish-American Resistance To Israel” that appeared a few days ago in an on-line publication called “Middle East Eye.” I have run across other articles from this publication but really don’t know who is behind it. That said, it is a fine summary of developments in the U.S. Jewish Community visa vis Israel. Posted this piece elsewhere on social media. It resulted in what has already been a rich exchange. In introducing the article I published the following commentary which I reproduce here:

[A few evenings ago] with a small group of progressive Middle East activists meeting in a fine, highly recommended, Denver restaurant, The Phoenician – the question of distinguishing anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism came up as did the more immediate case of the campaign against US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, for her remarks criticizing AIPAC, the effective pro-Israel lobby. Because I am Jewish, much of the discussion turned to me for answers – I tried to explain things –  most especially how to counter the charge of anti-Semitism when it is simply a way to change the subject from Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. Can’t say I was very effective. Read more…