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Israeli peace poem says it nicely:

June 22, 2007

 There has been some `discussion’ if one can call it that – about Hamas in Gaza. It is pretty low level nonsense, fear mongering. The attack used to be against Palestinian secular leftists (DFLP, PFLP) that were vilified. Now Hamas. One does not have to agree with Hamas (I don’t – from what I know of their ideology and practice) to recognize that they have a base and are a part of the Palestinian nation. All the efforts to purge/smash them – and to punish the Palestinians for voting for them in a democratic election – i believe will come to naught (just more carnage and destruction in the name of fighting terrorism). The Palestinians will chose their own political leadership, not Israel or the Bush Administration.

What follows is a poem by the Israeli peace group `Gush Shalom’. I like how concise, how humane it is. One of my friends has commented that it is not particularly good poetry. Actually he put it somewhat more crudely. Perhaps it ain’t Milton or Shakespeare…but the ideas resonate all the same. The phone number and address below are for Gush Shalom.

Not everything
That is bad
For Palestine
Is good for Israel.

The split in
Is bad for

We need peace
With the entire
Palestinian people –
All their sections,
All their territories,
Supporters of Fatah
And supporters of Hamas,
In the West Bank
And in the Gaza Strip.

Help us pay for
Our activities and ads
By sending checks to
Gush Shalom, P.O.Box 3322
Tel-Aviv 61033.

Ad published in Haaretz
June 22, 2007

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