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July 10, 2007

 1. A few responses to review of `Days of Glory’ (July 8th blog entry) are included below. When I put out the list of what I thought great anti-war films about war, I got a number of others that were recommended (none of which I have seen). Among them:
• Dan Cetinich (Bay Area) wrote that I should see `Army of Shadows’
• Aurelia Mane Estrada (Barcelona) suggested `Paths of Glory’ with Kirk Douglas
• Michael Dover (Michigan but soon Cleveland) suggested `La Vie En Rose’ (biography of Edith Piaf)

Comment from friend in Boulder: `I saw this film in Europe, a heart wrenching and beautiful film. It also reminded me in some way of the Japanese Americans fighting in World War II.

2. Notes (and phone calls) about Jack Galvin (July 7th blog entry). Jack died Tuesday morning at 3 am in Burlington Vt, surrounded people who loved him dearly

“Upon reading your review of Jack Galvin’s life (a very theological piece I thought, without the word used of course) I wondered –
Why aren’t we sitting in the legislature or the Governor’s office – tons of us-. Why is a critical mass so hard to generate while our neo-Nazis rage about the planet? Get a hundred people I am there! On the same day and the same time a hundred each in Salazar’s and Allard’s office. And it be fifty in all seven Congressional offices. And could each of the hundreds have a hundred signatures who support them? I guess fat chance.”
– Bob Kinsey (probable candidate for US Congress in Colorado, Green Party in 2008)

“He lived a fine, ethnical, committed and caring life”
– Eileen Coppola (Houston)

“It’s taken me too long to respond to your email about Jack. Your tribute to him was both quite moving and a faithful representation of a brother in arms whom I remember with great fondness. And, thanks for your kind words about me – the issues of race and racism are etched more deeply in my soul than any other. I often reflect on the halcyon days of our youth and the profound debt I owe to, most especially, you and John, but also to Jack, Margie, Bob, Tony, Roy, my students at Manual High, and so many others. Though my years in Baltimore, New Haven, and most recently in Aroostook County were and are very important to me, my Denver years were, in many respects, the best years of my life.”
– Dick Ayre, Presque Isle Maine

“What a nice piece on your friend Jack. It’s my hope to expose others like him to the world before their time expires on this rock. Thanks for writing it and I’m sorry he’s gone. I guess we have to do our best to cultivate the next Jack though I’m sure nothing will quite replace him.”
– Evan Weissman (actor, Jewish activist for social justice, Denver)

“There will be a service here in Denver in the future…Our dear friend Jack, boy oh boy”
– Pat McCormack (Sisters of Loretto – Denver)

Mr. Prince, Mr. X here. Either the 21st or the 28th there will be ceremony here for Galvin. I don’t know if it’s too irreverent, but I’m thinking we should have a yellow cab procession. (Jack drove a cab for many years in Denver).
Mr. X. (Note: I agree with Mr. X. It would be so cool)

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