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July 13, 2007


In Response to `Class Struggle in Northwest Denver’ (July 12 Blog) this from a friend from Peace Corps-Tunisia days living in Stillwater Oklahoma’ on Walmarts and yuppified coffee shops.

a. “All power to the people!! (well, some people, anyway!)

We in Stillwater, population 40,000 at best, are embraced by two Walmarts—one on the east and one on the west.

We do not worry about health food stores. They are hidden in little strip malls at best. And furthermore, we do not worry about yuppified coffee shops. They are few and far between.

We do not even entertain the idea of a Starbucks, let alone a Starbucks on every corner.

We just eat our biscuits and gravy, say our prayers to the only Christian god, throw our plastic garbage in the landfill (the highest point in Payne County) and keep on supporting our Cowboy football team. What else is there to life?

Cheers on a rainy Friday!”

b. There is a possibility that in response to the blog entry, that Joel Edelstein of KGNU will run a story on the Walmart fight in NW Denver.

c. Earl Staelin of Denver writes: Fascinating and uplifting story about beating back another Wal-Mart invasion. I was glad to play a small part in beating back a similar effort in Littleton in a referendum recently. The vote was something 3-1 against Wal-Mart, which even surprised me.

My comment: didn’t know about the Littleton (s. of Denver) effort. Kudos to Earl and the people of Littleton

2. More responses to the review of `Days of Glory’ – this from Marilyn Barden in Sweden (near Stockholm). Marily and Berra are dear friends. Once upon a time, long ago and far away, we were all part of a team. The film reminded Berra of his days in the Swedish army during World War II. [note: the comment below is lifted from the website guestbook where I found it to my surprise – rp]

“I bought the film you recommended “Born Soldier” [must be the Swedish title for `Days of Glory’ which is the English title for `Indigene’ the original French title -rp] was a gem. Berra and I looked at the video version from our TV, Berra from bed, since he is tired every afternoon being 83 years old now and I on the edge of a chair beside him. He experienced the war when he was the age of the fellows in the movie. The difference was that he was in the Swedish calvary and never saw a bullet since Sweden was never officially in the war although the government let German troops travel through Sweden on trains and he saw many German soldiers who deliberately showed their bare rear ends to the Swedish soldiers waiting at the stations as the Germans rushed by in trains on their way to Norway. 1944 was extreamly cold and snow two meters deep so the horses could not move in the snow. Thank you for telling us of this film we will show it to our peace committee friends.


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