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July 19, 2007

1. on the Dems and Iraq

from Mark Benner – Progressive Democrats of Colorado

“good points – just a couple of interesting observations about the sad case of democratic leadership failing.

Just over 6 months ago the Republican leadership in the senate regularly complained every time Democrats discussed holding up a Senate action by using the filibuster procedure to block Republican action, that such moves prevented “important” legislation from reaching a up or down vote on the floor of the senate. Democrats helped by Ken Salazar and others caved in and allowed votes on Samuel Alito and the Military commissions Act for example. Now Republicans are using the very thing they advised against to thwart Important legislation from being given an up or down vote.

Maybe democrats will learn – Ken Salazar probably not.

When democrats actually passed legislation that created timetables for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq – Bush vetoed it. Instead of refusing to create another bill and making the case that the president was playing politics with the issue and not supporting the troops – democrats caved in and funded the war, when they should have let it sit there in Bush’s lap.”

Mark Benner

ps. although not very active, I (r.p.) am also a card carrying, dues paying member of Progressive Democrats here in Colorado. for more information on this mutant (because it is progressive) formation within Colorado’s Democratic Party, contact Benner ( ) or Vicki Rottman ( )


from a friend at Regis University:

“thanks for keeping me on your list for this blog. Not sure I always agree, but I do always find what you say helpful and thoughtful.”


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