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July 22, 2007

 Note. I am admittedly a new and amateur `blogger’. The technical part of it is still mostly beyond me. If not for Kasina Entzi, my student, who helped set up the whole system, and then showed me how to use it, I would have been completely lost. I thank her – rather than God – every morning.

In any case, there is a way, through the `server’ (the company that `hosts’ the website) to check how many people have visited the site and how many have downloaded materials. Results so far since May 23 when all this started are:

5400 hits (people visiting)

950 (or so) downloads. (people who download something, some file from the site)

Not bad…suggests some kind of dialogue going on. I would think that a good third of them are probably from the ADL research dept. and kindred spirits and agencies (a guess); ok..i’ve always felt that sending email, having a website is something akin to standing nude in the center of Coors Field before a crowd of 55000 and such annoyances are among the many fringe benefits that come with blogging. i’d rather blog than moon the fans at Coors Field – although i momentarily reconsidered the day I read that the manager of the Rockies, Clint Hurdle (a man who has trouble with words bigger than one syllable) declared the team `a Christian’ baseball team. Screw Clint Hurdle. Those bums belong to all of us.

Which reminds me, Larry Tepper of Boulder not long ago mentioned a kind of software that Microsoft made for some agency of the Israeli government that could pretty much instantaneously track all the emails, websites, blogs, newspaper articles and op eds with criticisms of Israel. Forget the name of the program but it’s there. My friends who know alot about computers and the unsavory activities of federal and local police and spy agencies tell me that the entire internet is `mined’ for information daily by those skunks (claiming to protect us). They mine so much that they cannot possibily process it all, but it is saved for later possible processing.

Don’t let this discourage anyone. Let’s just don’t be schmucks about it.

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