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Wotinhell Has Happened To Our Country?

July 30, 2007

Arlene Watkins `socks it to’ the Dems

(Arlene Watkins is an 82 old woman from Englewood. What follows below is a response to the `Speak Out’ column by Ibrahim Kazerooni and myself that appeared in the Rocky Mountain News supplement to the Sunday Denver Post [July 29, 2007]. The op ed can be found in the archived blogs on July 29, 2007.

I have noticed lately that a number of friends who are getting on in years have a propensity to `tell-it-like-it-is-no-holes-barred’. Irving Greenbaum of Boulder comes to mind among others. In any case, Arlene Watkins packs a pretty strong punch. Her letter to Ibrahim and myself is reproduced unedited below)


To: Bob Prince and Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni

Boy! We finally got an editorial that makes sense. My opinion of the Dems: they are a bunch of wimps. Some time ago I wrote a note to the Democratic Nat’l Commitee to take my name off their mailing list. (I’ve voted Dem all of my life and I’m 82 now)

I intend to vote independent (or not at all).

I’m `madder than hell’ about what’s going on – this d—– unnecessary war gets to me. We’re losing a bunch of our troops. I think of the many survivors and I weep (not literally) for them. Wotinhell [pretty neat word rjp] has happened to our country? It’s Cheney-Bush-Cheney who love torture and Bush who obviously loves his war. That’s what he proudly calls it (his war).

This turkey has got to go!…but the Dem wimps will not call for an impeachment. I think he (Bush) is NUTS or back to drinking booze again. Is there sucha thing as a DOUBLE impeachment? Cheney has to go too.

You tell it like it is (which is grim).

I’ve turned into a cynic. We’re stuck between a boulder and a hard place.

Sincerely yours

Arlene Watkins.

note: I wouldn’t want to mess with this lady. rjp.

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