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What Is Needed Now: Letters To Diana and Ed – No Arms Sale Bonanza!

August 4, 2007

Below is a letter Steve Laudeman wrote to US Congresswoman Diana De Gette opposing the proposed arms deal. I hope others will do likewise.

There are a few points of clarification:

1. Steve is right – the deal is at least $63 billion. That includes $20 billion (minimun) purchase of Saudi arms, $30 billion in military aid to Israel and $13 billionin military aid to Egypt. From what the press is saying these are `low ball’ figures.

2. I especially appreciate how Steve calls for canceling the WHOLE package, not just aid to Israel. I noticed that the Campaign To End The Occupation just speaks of opposing the military aid to Israel. The whole package should be opposed.

3. Just outside of Denver is one of the main headquarters and facilities of Lockheed Martin that produces the F-35 fighter jet that the Israelis would get as a part of the deal. I believe that Lockheed Martin is in Ed Perlmutter’s district.

Thanks Steve.


Dear Congresswoman De Gette:

I implore you do do all in your power to derail the Middle East arms deal currently being discussed. The addition of $63 billion in arms to this volatile region can only add to instability and increase risks to American soldiers and American interests.

While the ruling regimes in the nations which will receive this aid are ostensibly our allies, it is not beyond comprehension that these arms could fall into the hands of those who do not support American goals. We do not want to, yet again, find militant extremists using American made weapons to further their own goals.

Furthermore, it is widely recognized that there is not a military solution to the problems we face in Iraq. The Iraq Study Group had a number of well thought out options to move this issue forward. Providing massive military aid to Iran’s enemies was most defininitely not on the list.

Please introduce or co-sponsor legislation to stop this unnecessary and dangerous deal.

Thank you.

Steve Laudeman

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