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Will the US Attack Iran?

September 20, 2007

by Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni and Rob Prince

Are we being mislead again?

For those of us who know something about the history of Iraq as well as U.S’s foreign policy, the media’s attempt to construct a fictitious case against Iran and its so called nuclear threat sounds very familiar.

Remember how the neocons and their imbedded media made the case for attacking Iraq?

While the rest of the world knew the facts, in the U.S, all the news channels from Fox to the ‘more respectable’ channels were competing with each other to see which one could make a better case out the scrap of misinformation that they were fed by the administration to attack Iraq. Unfortunately, some local liberal politicians who should know better – Ken Gordon and Joan Fitzpatrick among them – are lending their names to spreading these distortions.

It took only few years for the facts to surface and for people in this country to learn that not only Iraq did not constitute a threat to any one, particularly United States, it had no WMD, there were no yellow cakes and Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and no links to Al-Qa’eda.

We are seeing the same orchestra playing again.

From the work of think-tanks to the warnings of politicians to the drumbeats of alarming newspaper articles and op-eds and the narratives of calling Iranian president the new Hitler and Iran as the new 1938 Germany, as was done in Saddam’s case. From Cheney to Condi Rice, from Democratic to Republican Presidential hopefuls, from Podhoretz to McCain’s infamous “bomb-bomb-bomb bomb-bomb- Iran” song, are nothing but the repeat of what was done to sell an illegitimate and illegal war in Iraq.

Like Iraq, this administration has decided to go to war with Iran at any cost; it is not a matter of if but when. Bush and what is left of the old guard, especially Cheney, are determined to use their failed policy of régime change through military intervention in Iran.

Calls for deepening sanctions, funding of subversion against Iran, and cutting economic ties (as Gordon and Fitz-Gerald suggest we do) – an economic and political full court press – are steps towards unleasing the military option, which appears more likely with each passing day. Once again the Bush Administration – with much bipartisan support – is passing up a golden opportunity for resolving our differences with Iran diplomatically.

The current policy is leading us up dark alley which will result in tragic consequences for American, the region and Iranian people if not the world. Let’s not let this happen. Don’t do it, don’t attack Iran.

Iman Ibrahim Kazerooni is an imam for the Moslem Community of Denver. Rob Prince teaches International Studies at the University of Denver

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