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Very Little Change in Congress Vis-avis Military Spending, War On Terrorism.

November 2, 2007

This from Claire Ryder:

Democrats Stand Back as War Funding Continues
Truthout’s Maya Schenwar reports: “In the next few days, a Congressional conference conference committee will likely pass the largest defense spending bill in the history of the United States. Despite Democratic lawmakers’ promises to stop issuing blank checks for war, the bill does not call for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq or Afghanistan, nor does it prevent military action against Iran.”

A few comments.

This bill is important for a number of reasons.

– It gives clear evidence of how little – despite comments to the contrary – that the US Congress has changed its position on the Iraq war,

– it also shows the economic priorities for the next decade: enormous enrichment of military industries, security firms, intelligence agencies and the construction companies that will build and extend US foreign bases abroad. it comes the same week that Chrysler announced that it will layoff 12,000 workers in an auto industry that has long been crippled and behind foreign competitors.

– as for the Dems, like the Republicans, it seems they have no Iraq withdrawal plan. almost all, except Kucinich and a few others, are for tactical pull backs, but stop short of US troops leaving Iraq or dismantling the huge network of permanent US military bases that have been built there since the 2003 invasion. the plans are for the Occupation to continue for years.

Arguements, like the one I heard a few days ago at forum on whether the US will attack Iran at the Iliff School of Theology – that the US must stay in Iraq for moral and humanitarian reasons to avoid a Rwanda-like situation – simply do not hold water. The longer the US stays in Iraq – having created the instability and national collapse of the country in the first place – the worse will be the situation. And on a human level, how much worse can it get?

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