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Two Responses to Blog on Ritter’s Executive Order Permitting Public Sector Collective Bargaining in Colorado

November 5, 2007


I was as amazed as you that Ritter actually did the right thing. Now I think he needs our support. Have you seen the insane editorial on the front page of the Denver Post? I just sent this letter to the Open Forum:

As a long-time subscriber to the Denver Post, I am shocked at the unprofessionalism of your running an ill-reasoned, front-page editorial dooming Bill Ritter’s governorship in perpetuity because he chose to give state workers bargaining rights. In this country, the rights of workers–that is, of some 80-90 percent of the able adult population–have been eroded to the point that a man or woman can work 40 hours a week and still be unable to afford the bare necessities of life. Thanks to decades of Republican control, Colorado has long been a profoundly anti-labor state, in which employees could be fired at the whim of employers. Now a small segment of the workforce has gained one tiny sliver of opportunity, and the Republican-big-business right stages a full-bore, hold-our-breath-until-we-turn-blue temper tantrum, complete with a rant in the Denver Post worthy of Bill O’Reilly himself. For heaven’s sake, grow up.


Thanks for the blog entry on Gov. Ritter and the flak about his latest actions on unions for state workers. My husband and I have been following this issue with great interest. It is not surprising that business interests in the state are raking the Governor over the coals for his moderate support of labor unions. We have been union supporters for a long time, and fully realize the role that union organizers and activists have played in this country, not just in
instituting basic rights for working people, but also in supporting civil rights and other progressive activities.

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