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Breaching The Gaza Wall: Two Articles:

January 25, 2008

(note: It was not tens of thousands as the BBC newscaster said tonight but 350,000 – or more – Palestinians, trapped in Gaza in a modern sequel of the seige of the Warsaw Ghetto, or Leninigrad – who broke through more than a wall of cement and barbed wire and poured into Egypt to taste an ever so brief moment of freedom. It was perhaps the most intelligent thing Hamas (if it was indeed Hamas) has organized since seizing power in Gaza – massive peaceful civil disobedience to draw attention to nothing short of a crime against humanity committed by Israel – and supported to the hilt by the Bush Administration – against the Palestinian people in Gaza, victims of one of the most chilling examples of collective punishment since World War II, and this unfolding for months before the eyes of an uncaring hostile world. With this peaceful, mass mobilization to tearh down the Gaza wall, once again the Palestinian people – for a moment at least – took their destiny in their own hands, far more effectively than lobbing a thousand katusha missiles into Israel.

And what now?

1. Tear down all the walls – that are suffocating both Gaza and the West Bank

2. Israel should open negotiation with all the Palestinians – this must included Hamas. The United States should encourage and support the expansion of the negotiating process.

3. There is no military solution that is in the interest of either people.

The alternative – which I expect – is yet another horrific wave of repression against Gaza Palestinians. But this need not be.

Below are two statements – one by the national office of the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL’s statement is one of the more startling examples of selective memory I have seen for some time. Israel right or wrong (mostly the latter) no matter what. You’d think that it was the Palestinians who are occupying Israel and laying seige on Tel Aviv and not the contrary! Not a shred of sympathy, human compassion for the the Palestinians. I’ve seen a similar one from Barack Obama – pathetic – and although I haven’t seen what Hillary Clinton’s campaign is saying, I would be most surprised if it were any different from Obama’s. Nothing, no political expediency, no humanitarian concern for innocent Israelis (we are all concerned about them too) – can justify these kind of rationalizations for Israeli injustices, for what the current Israeli government is doing to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank with full support of the Bush Administration – without which this strange and awful dance of human suffering would not be possible

Indeed the sense comes through that Bush gave Olmert the green light to tighten the screws on Gaza during his recent Middle East trip. And now Condoleeza Rice – whose legacy in the Middle East can be summed up by her encouragement to Israel two years ago to continue the war in Lebanon `to create a new Middle East’, now this same diplomat who, from the first day she became Secrertary of State, really hasn’t had a clue as to how end the conflict in Iraq, how to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this same graduate of the University of Denver where her father was once a dean, calls on Israel and Egypt to once again tighten the Gaza screws ….

The second statement is, once again, by Uri Avnery – a different kind of Israeli – whose voice will continue to resonate long after the likes of Abe Foxman, Ehud Olmert George Bush and Condoleeza Rice have left the scene. Two profoundly different Jewish voices, on that recognizes the suffering of others, the other, completely tone deaf to the cries of the oppressed.

Read them both.

ADL Statement on the Breaking of the Gaza Wall

Uri Avnery: Worse Than A Crime

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