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`Obliterating’ Iran

April 27, 2008

The language was shrill and threatening. Once again a `threat’ is being exagerated and then further magnified to prepare the ground for yet further US military aggression in the Middle East. A few months ago, Republican presidential hopeful and unrepentant militarist, John McCain, snidely joked about bombing Iran. This past week it was a Democrat’s turn, specifically Hillary Clinton.

The day of the Pennsylvania primary, showing that she could be just as tough, macho and wreckless as McCain, Mrs. Clinton threatened to `obliterate Iran’ should the Islamic Republic consider using nuclear weapons against Israel. A few days later, a Washington Post article blandly spoke of the United States `weighing readiness for military action against Iran’. So now the debate can be framed over who hates Iran more, Clinton or McCain. Racist gutter politics, little more, veiled with a false concern for human rights and blowing the `Iranian threat’ all out of proportion. And it is all the more dangerous as it blesses an atmosphere that could still easily lead to war. Again.

Based upon current well documented realities, Clinton’s is the most bizarre of statements. Iran has no nuclear weapons with no likelihood, according to reliable sources – that it will have nuclear weapons capabilities for at least a decade, that is if it even planning to develop them at all. The prospect remains questionable and despite loud noises to the contrary from Vice President Cheney, Israel and now Hillary Clinton there is no credible evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program.

The National Intelligence Report on Iran (finished in February but released only in November of 2007) claims that Iran stopped development of weapons grade uranium five years ago. Scott Ritter, the former US weapons inspector goes further, arguing that Iran never had a nuclear weapons program. Either way, like with the media build up before the US invasion of Iraq, it no appears that the American public is being pummeled with half truths and lies to build support for a major military strike, an idea that the Bush Administration has never taken off the table.

Israel on the other hand already had more than 200 nuclear warheads some 22 years ago when former nuclear weapons employee Mordecai Vanunu, who remains under house arrest in Israel since 2004, exposed the Israeli nuclear weapons program to the Sunday Times of London. Given that the Israelis were able to build that many bombs in about 20 years, one has to wonder how many more nukes are in their possession today? Add to that the fact that Iran is surrounded on all sides by US military bases many of which are nuclear-weapons capable and one of the largest naval armada’s in history many of whose ships have nuclear weapons, and a clearer of picture of who is threatening whom quickly emerges.

Reckless statements like Clinton’s combined with a number of other recent events – the incident in the Persian Gulf last week, Petraeus’ continuing attempts to blame US failures in Iraq on Iran along with his promotion to the head of the Middle East Command, suggest that far from abandoning plans to attack Iran, that such schemes are dangerously alive and well. Bombing Iran might just be one of the final desperate acts of the Bush Administration, a last ditch attempt to restructure the Middle East that much more before Bush and Cheney leave office in November.

It could also be viewed as an opportunity to bolster Republican electoral possibilities.

Clinton’s remarks make it clear that Democrats close to the Democratic Leadership Council and AIPAC would actively support such a strike giving the Bush Administration more latitude to proceed in such a deadly direction. For the past several years, `regime change’ in Iran – an obscure way of trying to overthrow the current government in Teheran has been on the top of AIPAC’s agenda both nationally and here in Colorado.

A major attack sometime before November is still a real possibility

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