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Yemen Articles….

January 18, 2010


Articles on Yemen

updated April 25, 2010

Tariq Ali – Unhappy Yemen

Uri Avneri – Yemen: The Country `on The Right

MK Bhadrakumar – A witches cauldron brews in Yemen

Phyllis Bennis – Yemen Deja Vu All Over Again

Pepe Escobar – The Roving Eye, Empire Reloaded

Khaled Fattah – The al Qaeda Storm In Yemen

Khaled Fattah – Yemen: A Slogan And Two Wars (1)

Khaled Fattah – Yemen: A Slogan And Two Wars (2)

Yemen – FIDH Report on Human Rights Violations

Andrei Fedyaskin – Will Obama Put US Boots on the Ground In Yemen

Hallinan, Conn – Yemen Terrorist Haven Or Chess Piece

Raza Naeem – Yemen’s Memories of Revolution and Resistance

William Pfaff – New Wars For The New Year?

Rob Prince – Yemen (3) – Knee Deep In The Big Muddy

Rob Prince – Yemen (4) – Yemen War Intensifies/US Heavily Involved

Rob Prince – Yemen (5) – Houthi Rebellion In Yemen Has Saudis Nervous

Rich Rozoff – US, NATO Expand War to Horn of Africa, Indian Ocean

Stephen Zunes – Yemen Latest U.S. Battleground

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