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Financial Times Analysis of the current US Defense Budget

February 11, 2010

I will be adding articles here on the current defense budget, largest in US history, bigger than all the others in the world combined, this from a Democrat who promised to end the war in Iraq and make progress on Israeli-Palestinian peace making. Instead he’s greatly escalated the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, opened a new front in Yemen, intends to keep `enduring’ bases in Iraq and is moving ever so systematically towards the big one – open intervention in Iran which Bush era- neo cons, pro-Israeli types including the more liberal J-Street, that great assortment of those `rapture’ spellbound Christian fundamentalist wackos around Christians United For Israel and the Democratic Leadership Council all seem to be on the same page.

February 11, Financial Times analysis of current US Defense budget

February 11, Al Jazeera – Petraeus, Israeli Diplomat hazed on US Campuses – Protesting US Middle East Policies

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