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Some Articles on the Renewed Third World Debt Crisis

March 2, 2010
  1. A New Global Debt Crisis: 40 million jobs at Risk by Nicolas Dearden – Dearden is the executive director of Jubilee 2000 whose report is cited below
  2. ADebt crisis report web– this is a report by Jubilee 2000 –

    The Four Horses of the Wall Street Apocalypse

    the coalition of peace and church groups that worked for debt relief and had some successes. There was debt relief, unfortunately, in exchange for tighter structural adjustment programs

  3. Wall Street’s Toxic Message – this is a piece by Joseph Stiglitz in Vanity Fair. It does not mention the Third World Debt crisis (except in passing) but gives good background on the programs and themes that have led to the crisis
  4. The Causes of the Third World Debt Crisis – this site has very useful background information, much of it covered in class, but still useful. It also includes a series of videos all of which are very well done and worth looking at.
  5. Global Debt and Third World Development by Vincent Ferraro and Melissa Rosser – although 15 years old, this piece is quite good – it gives alot of statistics of the development of the Third World Debt which stood – in 1994 – at $1.3 trillion. I am trying to get figures for its current size.
  6. A World of Debt: Why Debt Relief Has Failed To Liberate Poor Countries – a very good piece written in 2001 for `American Prospect’ Magazine – a moderately left of center publication of quality. The last half of the article deals well with the limits of debt relief
  7. Hans Rosling: Debunking Third World Myths With The Best Statistics You’ve Ever Seen – good general statistics on comparisons with socio-economic statistics. Well done
  8. Toxic Debt – nature of a fair share of Third World debt
  9. John Perkins on how the Third World debt crisis comes about. He is the author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman.
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