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Why Economic Sanctions Against Iran Will Fail by Juan Cole

April 19, 2010


(note – this piece is well done. U.S. foreign policy today is based in large measure of trying to stop Iran from emerging as a regional power in the Middle East economically and politically, and in the more long term, challenging China’s rise to power. The Iran sanctions campaign is also an attempt to split the Middle East countries in such a way (deepening the Shi’ite – Sunni split) so as to keep the region permanently divided and thus more easily manageable. The anti-Iranian campaign is an attempt to mobilize US allies in conflict with each other (Saudis-Israelis) into one common front. There is more to it than this, but let’s let Juan Cole explain why sanctions don’t and won’t work – rjp)


Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Adm. Mike Mullen said at Columbia U. that a military strike on

Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh

Iran over its nuclear enrichment activities would be his ‘last option.’ He makes an excellent point, too often overlooked. In some instances the price of doing something is just about as high as the price of doing nothing. A US strike on Iran would risk throwing Iraq and Afghanistan into chao, with our troops in the midst of it.

The Obama administration is now moving tighten economic sanctions on Iran, as an alternative to a more direct approach. These measures include pressuring countries and firms not to buy Iranian petroleum and gas; pressuring them not to sell gasoline to Iran; and attempting to make it difficult for Iranian banks to interface with the world economic system.

While these measures could impose costs on Iran, these costs can easily be borne by the country, and more especially by the regime.  for the entire article click here.

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