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Alan Gilbert: The Danger of David Petraeus (or How the Military Plunges Us Deeper Into The Morass)

October 22, 2010

Note: Alan Gilbert and I teach at the Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. There is a link to his blog (to the right of this column). He wrote this entry on Petraeus about a month ago, but I just now read it. Think it well worth the read. RJP


Alane Gilbert:  The Dangero fo David Petraeus (or How the Military Plunges Us Deeper Into The Morass)

Obama gave a speech a week ago about ending formal American combat in Iraq. It might be (sort of) true. It was not triumphalist. It hoped to get (most of the rest of) the troops out – the 125,000 or so, 50,000 regulars, some 75,000 Xe mercenaries – by the end of next year. He spoke of dealing with the economic challenges to America and of a potential strong middle class. This was a good point except that he gave it little substance. Apparently, there will be some payroll tax cuts for small and fairly large business and restoring the Clinton level of taxation for the ultrarich (not near high enough), and about $50 billion for roads and railroads. But this is not yet an intelligent Keynsian jobs program; it is sort of politically useful – might outflank the Republics to retain nominal Democratic majorities in the House and Senate in an era of mass unemployment and the cocoon for reaction of the mainstream media now. (for the rest, click here)


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