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Tunisia Explodes – 3 Pieces:Boulder Daily Camera, Counterpunch and Open Democracy 1/13/2011

January 13, 2011

This piece appeared in today’s (1/13/2011) Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder, Colorado

Another one in `Counterpunch’

A third in `Open Democracy’


Tunis, January 13, 2011 - Demonstrating for jobs, democracy and an end to the tyranny and corruption which marked the Ben Ali years

Nearly a month after the protests in Tunisia began, finally, today, January 13, 2011, more coverage in the USA, starting with pieces in the NY Times and San Francisco Chronicle.

The NY Times also printed a seering editorial on the situation `Tunisia Seethes’

There are others.

The fact that the NY Times has decided to publish such a hard hitting piece suggests, in my view, that the State Department has, now after a month, given up on Ben Ali. I might be wrong about this but think there is some loose connection between what the Times prints and what the State Department thinks. The Times piece is especially hard hitting, exposing the situation accurately with no holes barred. It seems that they have sent a correspondent to Tunis and that he is reporting on the ground. Here he is reporting the looting of a mansion of the ben ali clan. And it appears he is right there watching the looting take place. Let us see if the reporting continues tomorrow. It is a fine report. I thank my old PC Tunisia friend Rachel Freed for sending along David Kirkpatrick’s article and my friend here in Denver, Steve Moss, for sending me the Times editorial.

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  1. January 13, 2011 8:48 pm

    note: This appeared in response to the piece `Yezzi Fock’. There are so many Tunisians coming out of the woodwork, expressing their support for the protests-turned-rebellion. rjp

    When I see all these reports from Tunis, I can only be pleased by our Tunisian youth. After all these years of repression and media manipulation, the Tunisian youth are teaching everyone of us that freedom and dignity come first.

    I can only weep and pray for all the martyrs. No time to back up I am asking all Tunisians to be careful from another game that Ben Ali will make these days to absorb the revolution.

    Opposition leaders and expatriates should return now to their country and be part to establish a new government representing the whole country.

    A word to the French government: shame on you it’s a shame to one of the oldest democrcy in europe and the world to support this rigime.

    Revolution until victory and let’s pray for a minimum of bloodshed.

    Tunisian citizen

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