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Weiner’s Weenie…Juan Cole on Anthony Weiner’s Middle East Policies

June 17, 2011

Note: The public seems more interested in the private sexual habits of its leading politicans rather than their attitudes towards social policy. Anthony Weiner is case in point. In some ways he is a classic study – socially liberal on domestic issues, flaming Zionist when it comes to Middle East policy, a combination that wins votes, regardless of its opportunism.

It is notable that Weiner was brought down, in part, from pressure within his own party, including from President Obama and House Speaker Pelosi for engaging in `sextexts’ with women with whom he never met nor actually had sex. Nor, even if he showed himself to be a first class schmuck, did he break any law.

It might be the height of stupidity to rattle on with an unknown women one meets on Facebook about how her texts excites the ex-Congressman to near ejaculation,…but as Mr. Abbas (one of my daughter’s former high school social studies teachers) put it so well – there’s no law against being stupid!

Let’s keep in mind that while Weiner was pressured out, the Bush Administration leading figures – President Bush, VP Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, all signed off and actively supported the extensive use of torture yet none were forced to leave office.

It says something about the national priorities or lack there of.

I am more concerned with Weiner’s slavish toeing of AIPAC’s line, his gleeful cheering on of every Israeli act of oppression against the Palestinians than with his obsessive compulsive tendencies to share his hard-ons with women he never met over cell phones…

Below, Juan Cole reflects upon Weiner’s recent Middle East record. The entry is made on his blog `Informed Comment’ on June 9, 2011, reprinted in full below.


Top Ten Things Anthony Weiner Has Said Which Are Worse Than Sextexting  by Juan Cole

Israeli soldiers stopping Palestinian youths in Nablus

The real scandal surrounding Anthony Weiner is that he is bigoted against Palestinians and has misused his position in Congress to support punitive policies against them. Americans appear to be bored by policy, titillated by private peccadilloes. But it is the policies that are important. Mahatma Gandhi was once kicked out of a brothel in South Africa. No one judges him by his lapses. Weiner, in contrast to Gandhi, has not worked for peace but has rather given knee-jerk support to the worst policies of the most far rightwing parties in Israel toward Palestinians. A social liberal in American terms, Weiner is so blinded by his allegiance to Israel and so studied in his ignorance of the Middle East that he has played a uniformly sinister role in that aspect of foreign policy. If he were replaced by, say, an up an up-and-coming Dominican-American politician from Queens who had some sympathy with Arabs, that would be all to the good.

For the rest of the article, click here

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