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Eugenics: Bibliography of articles critical of Charles Murray’s book: The Bell Curve

September 4, 2011

Cave Art from Chauvet, France

“It could probably be shown by

facts and figures that there is no

distinctly native American

criminal class except Congress.”

                                              – Mark Twain – 

Note: While open to everyone who might be interested, this is especially for my students:

An Initial Bibliography on Recently Published Articles/Editorials from the National Press on Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve (and related subjects).

1. Magazine Articles:

American Scientist. `The Role of Intelligence in Modern Society” by Earl Hunt. 83:4:356-367. July-August, 1995

American Psychologist. `Expert Performance: Its Structure and Acquisition.’ by Anders Ericsson and Neal Charness. 49:8:725-747. August, 1994.

Chicago Tribune. `An Anthropological View of Race and IQ.’ By Michael Lieber. October 23, 1994.

Child Development. `A longitudinal study of children with day care experiences of varying quality.’ 1988. by D.L. Vandell, V.K. Henderson and K.S. Wilson. 59:1286-1292.

Contention. `A Historian Looks At The Bell Curve.’ by Carl N. Degler. V:3:Spring 1995. pp.3-17.

———- `Genetics, Race and IQ: From Binet to Bell Curve.’ by Daniel Kevles 5:1:3-18. Fall 1995

CounterPunch. Alexander Cockburn and Ken Silverstein

Discovery. November, 1994. While not related specifically to the Bell Curve this issue looks at the question of race in depth from a scientific viewpoint and is worth looking at.

Denver Post. `Genetic Racism?’ by Robert Boyd (Knight-Ridder News Service). October 23, 1994. p.21A

Developmental Psychology. `Can the age of entry into child care and the quality of child care predict adjustment in kindergarten?’ by Charles Howe. 26:2:292-303. 1990.

Economist. `How Clever Is Charles Murray?’ October 22, 1994. p.29-30.

—– `Measuring Intelligence: Bell, book and scandal’ December 24, 1994. p.69-71.

Forbes. `For whom the bell tolls.’ by Peter Brimelow. October 24, 1994. p.153-163.

—– `Disadvantaging the advantaged.’ by Peter Brimelow. November 21, 1994. p.53-56.

In These Times. `Behind the Curve.’ Book Review by Beth Maschinot. February 6, 1995. p.31-34.

Nation. `Inequity Quotient.’ 259:15:516. November 7, 1994.

—– `Minority Report’ by Christopher Hitchens. 259:18:640. November 28, 1994.

—– `Herrnstein and Murray: The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.’ by Adolph Reed Jr. 259:18:654-662. November 28, 1994.

—– `Beating a Dead Monkey.’ (Book review of The Moral Animal by Robert Wright. Pantheon Press; Race, Evolution and Culture by J. Philippe Rushton. Transaction Press; The Evolution of Racism: Human Differences and the Use and Abuse of Science by Pat Shipman. The review is by Susan Sperling. 259:18:663-665. November 28, 1994.

National Catholic Register. `Linking Race and IQ; scholars court disaster.’ by Mary Meehan. November 13, 1994. p.1

—– `Tinkering with black birth rate has eerie ring.’ by Mary Meehan. December 11, 1994. p.1

National Review. `The Bell Curve: A Symposium’ (articles by Michael Barone, Brigitte Berger, Eugene V. Genovese, Nathan Glazer, Arthur R. Jensen, Loren E. Lomasky, Glenn C. Loury, Richard John Neuhaus, Michael Novak, Daniel Seligman, Pat Shipman, Ernest van den Haag, James Wilson, Michael Young). December 5, 1994. pp.34-61.

New Republic. `Race: An Apologia: Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein; A Response: (a list of authors). October 31, 1994. (virtually the whole issue is dedicated to the discussion of Murray and Herrnstein’s The Bell Curve.)

New York Magazine article by Jacob Weisberg (some time before November 16).

New York Review of Books. `The Tainted Sources of “The Bell Curve.” Lane, Charles. December 1, 1994. (Shows that many sources are from the infamous “Mankind Quarterly” and that the authors of the Bell Curve have often distorted the findings in some legitimate sources.)

—– `Apocalypse Now.’ by Alan Ryan. November 17, 1994. p.7-11.

New York Times. `Behind the Curve’ by Myron A. Hofer. Dec. 26, ’94. p.19.

—– `IQ Tests Serve to Keep Us All in Our Places.’ Letters to the Editor. November 19, 1994.

—– `Lessons Beyond the Bell Curve’ by Christopher Winship. November 17, 1994. (op-ed).

—– `Bell Curve Critics Say Early I.Q. Isn’t Destiny.’ by Peter Passell. November 9, 1994. p.B10

—– `Good Genes, Bad Schools.’ by E.D. Hirsch Jr. October 29, 1994.

—– `The `Scientific’ War on the Poor.’ Editorial. Oct. 28, ’94


—– `Books of the Times: ‘It’s a Grim Message: Dummies Fail More Often’ by Peter Passell. Oct. 27, ’94. p. B3.

—– `Throwing a Curve Ball.’ by Bob Herbert. October 26, 1994. p.A-17.

—– `Debate on Race and IQ Recalls Past Prejudice.’ Letters to the Editor. October 24, 1994.

—– `The Sell Curve’ by Frank Rich. Oct 23, ’94 p. E15.

—– `Of I.Q. and Genes’ by William Safire. Oct. 20. ’94 p.A19.

—– `Anti-Social Science?’ by Jim Holt. Oct 19, ’94. p.A15.

New York Times Book Review. `What is Intelligence and Who Has it?’ by Malcolm W. Browne. October 16, 1994. pp. 3-.

New York Times Magazine. `The Most Dangerous Conservative.’ by Jason Deparle. October 9, 1994. pp.48-78. Cover Story.

New Yorker. `Curve Ball.’ by Stephen Jay Gould. November 28, 1994. pp 139-149.

Newsweek. `IQ: A Hard Look at a Controversial New Book on Race, Class and Success.’ October 24, 1994. pp.53-62. Cover Story.

Progressive. `Intellectual Brown Shirts.’ by Adolp Reed Jr. December 15, 1994. 15-17.

Rocky Mountain News. `People With Ideas: IQ Researcher back in the eye of an intellectual storm.’ Vincent Carroll Interviews. December 25, 1995. p.111A.

Rolling Stone. `Professors of Hate.’ by Adam Miller. October 20, 1994.

Science. `Genes and Behavior.’ June 17, 1994. Most of the issue is dedicated to the question of the inheritance of human behavior. It does not focus specifically on race and intelligence, but is a pretty good indicator of what main-line geneticists think today about the inheritance of human behavior. Issue includes 12 articles. The introductory piece by Charles Mann and a later piece by Plomin, Owen and McGuffin are especially recommended.

The Sciences. `Suffering Fools’ by James W. Trent Jr. 35:4:18-22. July/August, 1994.

Scientific American. `Behind the Bell Curve.’ a book review by Leon J. Kamin. February, 1995. p.99-103

Skeptic `Race and IQ: What Is Behind The Bell Curve?’ 3:3:58-93. 1995. A symposium of articles by Michael Shermer, Carol Tavris, Diane Halpern, Robert Sternberg, G.A. Elmer Griffin and Vincent Sarich. The last one by Sarich is one of the few in which an anthropologist comes out and basically defends Murray and Herrnstein’s work.

Tikkun. `Testing, The Bell Curve, and the Social Construction of Intelligence.’ by Allen Hanson. January, 1995.

TIME Magazine. `For Whom The Bell Curves.’ October 24, 1994. p.66-7.

Village Voice. `Behind the Bell Curve: Tracing the Roots of Charles Murray’s Race Management.’ by James Ridgeway. November 15, 1994.

Wall Street Journal. Charles Lane Letter. December 16, 1994.

—– Op-Ed Piece. December 13, 1994.

—– Letter to the Editor from Charles Murray accusing his opponents of McCarthyism. December 2, 1994.

—– `The Black Academic Environment.’ by Hugh Pearson. November 23, 1994.

—– Letters to the Editor `Straight Talk About the Bell Curve.’ November 16, 1994.

—– `Heated Debate Helps Market the Bell Curve.’ October 20, 1994. P. B1.the

—– `The Coming White Underclass.’ by Charles Murray. October 29, 1993. P.A-14. (provides an interesting perspective on the current debate).

2. Books:

– J. Berreuta-Clement, W.J. Barnett, L. Schweinhart, A. Epstein and D. Weikart. Changed Lives: The effects of the Perry Preschool Project on youths through age 19. 1984. Monographs of the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation. Whole No.8. High Scope Press. 600 N. River St., Ypsilante, MI 48198-2898. Phone 1-800-40-PRESS.

– Fraser, Stephen, ed. The Bell Curve Wars: Race, Intelligence and the Future of America. Basic Books, 1995

– J. Houlares and S. Oden. A follow up study of Head Start’s role in the lives of children and families. Interim Report. High Scope Press. 600 N. River St., Ypsilante, MI 48198-2898. Phone 1-800-40-PRESS.

– Jacoby, Russell and Naomi Glauberman. The Bell Curve Debate: History, Documents, Opinions. New York. Times Books. 1995,

– J.R. Lally, P.L. Mangione, A.S. Honig. Parent education in early childhood intervention: Emerging directions in theory, research and practice. 1988. Nroward, NJ:Ablex.

– R.H. McKey, L. Condelli, H. Ganson, B.J. Barrett, C. McConkey, M.C. Plantz. The impact of Head Start on children, families and communities. Final Report of the Head Start Evaluation, Synthesis and Utilization Project. Washington DC. Incorporated for the Head Start Bureau, Administration for Children, Youth and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 1985. Available from The Head Start Bureau, P.O. Box 1182, Washington D.C. 20012.

– D.A. Phillips, S. Scarr and K. McCartney. Dimensions and effects of child care quality: The Bermuda Study. in D.A. Phillips ed. Quality in child care: What does research tell us? Washington DC. 1987: NAEYC. Available from NAEYC. Order #140. Contact: National Association for the Education of Young Children. 1834 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Washington D.C. 20009. phones: 202-232-8777; 800-424-2460. fax 202-3281846

– L.J. Schweinhart, H.V. Barnes and D.P. Weikart, with W.S. Barnett and A.S. Epstein. Significant Benefits: The High/Scope Perry Preschool Study Through Age 27. High Scope Press. 600 N. River St., Ypsilante, MI 48198-2898. Phone 1-800-40-PRESS.

– William H. Tucker. Science and Politics of Racial Research. Urbana. University of Illinois Press. 1994.


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