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7 Billion and Growing: Is The World Overpopulated

November 6, 2011

Note: I’ll be adding links to this particular entry in the days/weeks to come. While we’ll never really know the exact date as to when human population reached 7 billion, a date last week – October 31 or November 1, 2011 – was arbitrarily set to mark the occasion and as such, once again fueling the 40 year debate over the growth of human population and what it means to the planet. I hope to use this page as a kind of on-line bibliography on the subject and will be adding to it regularly with different items.

Videos-U-Tube Presentations

RT – Overcrowded? – “RT” is a Russian-based news source, relatively new. I find their reporting and analyses to be, at the least, worth watching, usually with more content, food for thought than main stream media sources. Am familiar with one of the participants in this debate – Matthew Connelly, whose book Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population (Harvard University Press: 2008) is one of the better in-depth history of the ups and downs of population control movements over the past 100 years (although I am not particularly impressed with the flippant, `cutsy’ approach he gives to the subject in this interview)

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