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Kazerooni: More on Syrian Rebel False Flag Operation of Chemical Weapon Use

August 25, 2013
What a “wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!” world

Only few days ago the US and its western allies thought that finally they had the president of Syria, his Excellency Bashar Al-Asad cornered and the case against him is sealed and the rest was going to be history. Unfortunately things did not go well for the US and Russians spoiled the whole plan by their satellite image that evidently showed that the small missile loaded with chemical material actually came from the mercenary controlled area.

To prove, yet again its innocence, the Syrian government quickly circled the area where the missile came from and the rebels surprised by the swift action, left most of their incriminating material and made a run for it. In a tunnel under the area they controlled the Syrian force came across a well-equipped bomb making facility with the same chemical agents used by them on civilians only a day before. See the following images

The embarrassing part of it is that all these materials came from no other than the Saudis with their marks on it. Among other things that the Syrian military found is a video recording, I suppose taken by the mercenaries as a trophy, that clearly show the uses of these drums in their crude projectiles and firing them into the civilian area. See the clip.

I hope you are with me so far. Few days ago US government decided to sell only 1300 cluster bombs to the Saudis and the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) criticized the US for planning to supply these horrible weapons. CMC Director Sarah Blakemore said on Thursday:

“We are disappointed with the US decision to export cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia as both countries acknowledge the negative humanitarian impact of these weapons on civilians.”

I hope you are still following my drift.

What surprised me was the numbers. Saudis are well known to be extravagant with their purchase of military gadgets. They really buy in bulks, so to speak. It downed on me once the news of the Syrian confiscation of chemical weapon hit the fan, that the ultimate destination of these weapons are not Saudi Arabia, THEY ARE INTENDED TO BE SEND TO THE US MERCENARIES IN SYRIA.

Keep this in mind; in a few months if you hear Syrians government being accused of using cluster bombs against innocent civilians, you know where they have come from.
“What a wonderful world we live in”

بالفيديو/سوريا:حاويات كيمياوي سعودية لدى المسلحين

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