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Obama Pauses Again; Peace Wins, AIPAC Loses

September 9, 2013


by James M. Wall

Obama at G20Monday, September 9, was planned as a day for the White House to persuade Congress to support military strikes on Syria. The highlight of the day’s “persuade Congress” plan was a White House appearance by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

After a luncheon meeting with President Obama, Clinton pledged her every effort to gain “yes” votes from Congress for a military attack.

Midway through her statement she had to shift, however, from attack mode to peace mode. A rapid series of “surprise” developments swept through London, Moscow and Damascus before dark in Washington Monday.

We may not know until the tell-all book on President Obama’s second term is published.  But it sure looks like the Obama team spent this past weekend changing its “persuade Congress” plan to a “further pause for peace” plan.

Whatever it was, something led to the weekend shift in White House…

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  1. September 9, 2013 8:31 pm

    this is from Jim Wall – whose writing I respect. I am not so sure that there is a pause but respect his work enough to at least post this…

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