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In Defense of Sochi…

February 27, 2014

Denis Ten – Kazakhstan’s Bronze Medal Winner in Men’s Single Figure Skating at Sochi

(note – the attempt to smear and undermine the Sochi Winter Olympic Games failed. But it was not for want of trying)

by Manuel…

At the end the words for the Sochi Olympics was nothing short of magnificent. Russia won in all aspects, number of gold medals, total number of medals, security, organization, quality of venues and no one could deny it. No gay athlete or spectator was denied entry either!

Long before the games, the US corporate media (and to some extend BBC) launched one of its biggest propaganda campaigns to spoil the spirit of Olympics and scare people away from Sochi by exaggerating the “terrorist threat.” They equaled the Olympics to the person of Putin, thus wishing its failure. It sent a message that if you are in favor of these Olympics, you are pro Putin and Russia, our enemy! You are anti-gay. There was no excuse to boycott it or the media may have called for it too. They exaggerated the “corruption” and “waste.” We all know how uncorrupt true capitalism is, right and how far the west pushed to turn Russia back into a capitalist country?

The commentary during the opening ceremony was unbelievably biased, distorted, and negative. It was truly idiotic, disgusting and unheard of compared to any opening ceremonies I have witnessed before.

To try to sabotage great human events such as this by those who worship war, racism, nationalism, and seek world domination at any cost, trillions of dollars wasted, millions killed and displaced, is not surprising.

To fail international events of this magnitude on this WWI Centennial, what will we be left with, a new commonwealth games of present day allies, starring the US, England, Saudi Arabia, Taliban, and al-Qaeda? What would be the sports? Shooting human targets, explosives competitions, beheading competition, goat head polo, …who can resist the longest under water boarding torture?

To their credit at the end, several NBC commentators had nothing but praise for Sochi.

Neocon propagandists failed!

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