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Thanks from Adventure School, Mapleton, CO: A Talk on Global Warming to Two Fourth Grade Classes

April 4, 2015

Adventure School 1(Note: This past Wednesday, April 1, I had the good fortune to speak to two fourth grade classes at the Adventure School in Mapleton, Colorado on Global Warming. I think it went well, mostly because I didn’t “lecture” them, but we engaged in a conversation, a dialogue instead. Frankly their two teachers had prepared them well. They were familiar with the subject, the problem and it was not like starting from zero. I tried to explain why CO-2 emissions trigger global warming. I am pretty sure they got it. I tried to explain about mass extinctions and how they were all accompanied, from what geologists and scientists tell us, with increases in CO-2 emissions. I enjoyed this exchange greatly and from the responses included below, I guess the students did too.

By the way, most of the information related came from James Hansen’s “Storms of our Grandchildren” one of the definitive books on Global Warming.

I did not change the language in these thank you notes one bit. This is how they wrote it. – RJP)


“Dear, Mr. Prince. I leared so much from you. I like youre style going to the mountians and playing video games. Now i know solar global is. I hope you come back some time to teach me more stuff from colege. Thank you for coming.”

Sincerely, Aaron


“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you so much for coming to our school. I learned so much about electricity and energy. I can’t belive that we are learning about collage classes. I wonder if we are ever going to be in your class. Thank you, come back soon”

Sincerely, Alexandra


Adventure School 8“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you for coming to our school. I learned about how the pruduce carbon dioxide. I really wonder how many years cave man came. I also learned that dinosaurs lived for a long time.”

Sincerally, Amara Duran


“Dear Mr. Prince, I learned that dinos died because the weather was only 4 degrees more than usual. Thank you. What’s your favorite animal? Mine is a horse.”

Sincerely, Amara R.


“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you for talking to us about energy. I hope you enjoyed us cus I did. I liked knowing your real name. I’d like to know something more. I enjoyed it. You are a great teacher.”

Sincerely, Arenis Gonzalez Cerrillo


“”Thank you for coming Mr. Prince. I learned olat from yuo. I lornee oil and co. You are so nice. You told us olote.”

Sincerely, Ariannis


“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you . I leard more about dinosars to and more about CO-2. I wonder you know so much about dinosors and CO-2. Are you a sientist?”



“Dear Mr. Prince, I learnd a lote tiday. I wish you said more but we dident have time.I hope you come back soon.have a nise day.”

Sincerely, Hector


Adventure School 2“Dear Mr. Princ, Thaks for coming!. I really learned a lot from you I hope you can come agait! You really helped our class. Thanks!”

Sincerely, Jeremiah


“Dear Mr. Prince, Tank you for coming to school with us. I lrnd that we brethe out CO-2. I wonder if we will extinct as well?

Sincirly, Jonathan


“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you for teaching our class. I appriciate you coming and teaching me new things I did not know. Thank you for coming and teaching me new things about our essay. I just want to thain you for coming and making our brains grow today this afternoon.”

Sincerely, Kayla

_______Adventure School 9

“Dear Mr. Prince,Thank you I learned a bunch I hope that you caum agin and you were a funny teacher and pleas come agine.”

Sincerely, Mateo

“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you for teaching us about global warming and CO-2”

Sincerely, Niki


“Dear Mr. Prince. Thank you Mr. Prince to coming to our grade. I learned new stuff. I had fun. I learned new stuff of dinosuaris. I hope you come soon.”

Sincerely, Oscar


“Dear Mr. Roby. Thank you for teching us about CO-2 and pollution even.”



“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you for coming. I really enjoyed the way you talk. I learned a lot from you. For example, I had learned more about how dinosaurs extinct. Also, you helped me knew more about CO-2 adn what cause it to happened. You sure knew a lot about carbon dioxide!



Adventure School 5“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you for coming and teachnig us so much. I learned that astaroids and the CO-2were who destroyed the dinosaurs. And I wonder if you could come agin to tech us something new.?

Sincerelly, Savi


“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you for the lessone about globel warming and carbone dioxide. I hope I will be just like you when I grow up. Also thanks for comeing I hope I will see you real soon.”

Sincerely Sebastion G.


“Dear Mr. Prince, Thank you for coming. It was funne. I learned so much. Like you told us about CO-2 that makes a cloud of CO-2. And also that the dinosorse died because of CO-2. You were great.”

Sincerely, Sebastin


“Dear Mr. Prince, thank you for coming to our school and teaching us. i learned how they knew the dinosourse we alive. I wonder when are you going to come to teach us again. I really learned alote from you. I hoe you come again.”

From Yahir

Adventure School 7

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