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Nuclear Arms Deal with Iran – War or Peace? Sunday: August 16 11 A.M. at: First Unitarian Society of Denver 1400 Lafayette Denver, CO

August 9, 2015

Iran Event

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  1. Alan Culpin permalink
    August 14, 2015 7:45 am

    Sorry Rob. I totally disagree that this is in any way a good agreement. If you could trust the Iranians, that would be one thing. But you can’t. I know people who did business with Iran, and were cheated out of everything. A contract – or a treaty – means absolutely nothing to these people.
    They will take the 145 $Billion that is being held, and use it to develop nuclear weapons at the fastest pace they can. They will also develop the means to deliver them.
    Once they have the weapon, they will share it with their partners in the Middle East. Then, Good-Bye Israel.
    The so-called Treaty, which it isn’t, is a fantasy perpetrated upon this country by the Fantasists in charge at this point. The level of naivety is extraordinary.

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