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Jeffco Citizens Organize Against Trump Cabinet, Agenda – MoveOn.Com in Action

January 15, 2017
A meeting to oppose the Trump Agenda and cabinet appointments of "" in Jefferson County, Colorado (suburb just West of Denver)

A meeting to oppose the Trump Agenda and cabinet appointments of “” in Jefferson County, Colorado (suburb just West of Denver)

The meeting was held today (January 15, 2017) at the Jefferson County Public Library in Lakewood (20th and Miller in Lakewood). It was called by Jefferson Country residents, members of “MoveOn.Org.” A notice was placed on the internet and the responses were so active that the organizers had to close to invites. As it was an overflow crowd came, more than 100 people. Jefferson County is a large, sprawling county west of Denver, part of which is on the plains, but a good portion of which lies in the foothills of the Rockies. People came from all over the county, from Lakewood, Arvada, Golden in the main but also a few from some 25 miles away in Aurora, on the other side of Denver.

Not a bad for a Sunday afternoon with the National Football League playoffs on tv. Imagine, a group of Coloradans who put politics before football!

Not a bad for a Sunday afternoon with the National Football League playoffs on tv. Imagine, a group of Coloradans who put politics before football!

It was a feisty, determined group, from what I could tell, overwhelming white and middle class, with a few exceptions most people there over the age of 50. There were there to get involved, to do what they can to oppose the Trump agenda and cabinet appointments. At the outset several people commented on pleased they were “not to feel alone.” According to the event chair, one “Ralph,” this event was one of more than 500 taking place all over the country that includes 13,000 people nationally, an indication of the mounting opposition nationwide to “the Trump era” and all the negative wonders it has in store for the country and the world.

The event was well-organized, with a focus on what are referred to as “breakout groups” – small groups of people who focused on a particular issues. The issues included Healthcare, Immigration, Corporate excesses and from all appearances another breakout group was coming together to deal with climate change as well. The audience was serious, one could say deeply worried about the administration to come, and clearly committed to challenging Trump on his policies and cabinet choices, to engage in what might be called “damage control.”

Concerns about saving the Affordable Care Act, stopping “Trump’s deportation machine,” opposing the privatization of Medicaid and Medicare, the importance of saving funding for Planned Parenthood were all mentioned by participants. A number of participants expressed their anxiety about Trump reversals on climate change too. It was apparent that both the organizers and participants were connected in one way or another to the Democratic Party through the Jeffco Political Action Task Force and a number of other connected organizations.

While overall the meeting was overwhelmingly positive (from where I am sitting), there was a repeated insistence on keeping the political tone “in the center,” “of discouraging negativity,” and concerns about possible disruptions (which apparently have taken place at other MoveOn events). It all sounded a bit over-cautious, and a touch “anti-left” as if people whose politics might be a notch or two left of the organizers were looked upon with suspicion. And, given there was an overwhelming emphasis on domestic issues, there was no mention – or concern it seemed – about American’s wars abroad and global military build up, which concerned me.

Be that as it may, the good people of Jefferson County are – as we used to say – getting their act together, preparing for will be a long-term political battle for the fate of the nation. To be successful, they will have to find common ground with people from other political perspectives (and backgrounds). This is a moment when the moderates need to find common ground with the left and likewise, more radical elements need to develop good working relationships with their more moderate partners. …a time for alliances, for “united fronts” as we used to say, for political flexibility and maturity. No political trend, “centrist” or “left” can succeed alone.

Among the activities planned by are January 24, pickets and demonstrations at the offices of U.S. Senators to oppose the Trump cabinet appointments. The bigger the turnout, needless to say, the better. More details on this later.

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  1. Arnie Voigt permalink
    January 15, 2017 7:28 pm

    Diana DeGette had her rally at the same time: over 400 in the union hall, another 200 outside in the cold. Permutter was there as was the new Speaker of the House. Mostly over 50 and white, and a lot of signs.

    • January 15, 2017 7:52 pm

      Thanks for that update Arnie… I noticed in Lakewood, they stay away from war, foreign policy…

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