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Behind “Trump-Netanyahu Triumphalism and the Great Fear: Palestinian Non-Violence.” Hear Ibrahim Kazerooni and Rob Prince on KGNU Boulder (88.5 FM, 1390 Am, Streaming at on Hemispheres, Middle East Dialogues hosted by Jim Nelson. Tonight, Tues, May 22, 2018 @ 6-7 pm Mountain States Time

May 22, 2018

The totals are horrific – As Gaza Palestinians protest peacefully against the moving of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, and for an end to the 12 year Israeli-Egyptian blockade that has made life all but unlivable, they are massacred by Israeli military snipers while Israeli citizens watch from nearby heights, cheering on the snipers as if they, the “audience’ were watching a soccer match. After six weeks of peaceful Friday protests, more than 120 Palestinians dead and an astounding 12,000 wounded. The Trump Administration blames the victims, the Palestinians – with the usual nonsense that Hamas had engineered the protests. Global outrage outside of the United States. Within its borders, predictably, hardly a peep from those in power, the media.

Tonight’s Program:

1. Summary of what we want to talk about on this evening’s program…

– the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem contrasted with the Israeli repression – massacres actually – of Palestinians peacefully protesting that, along with the 12 year blockade of Gaza that has made the place unlivable for its some 2 million people.

2. The U.S. role.The relationship of the Jerusalem embassy move and the Gaza protests to the events in Syria..

3. Then we will come back to the situation of the Palestinians in light of geo-political shifts in the region.

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  1. Bill Conklin permalink
    May 23, 2018 8:44 am

    Good morning Rob and thanks so much for Hemispheres last night. I really enjoyed it. The image you gave of Israelis sitting around and watching the murder of Palestinians by the brave IDF is horrifying. After college, I traveled around Germany and went to the death camps, the terrain that will live forever in infamy. During the Second World War, there were no smartphones, The Nazis could commit their crimes with impunity and the world still hated them. Now, however, the world can watch the Israelis having their royal banquet celebrating their 70 year anniversary of their creation of the Nakba, while, outside the walls of Goliath’s embassy, Palestinians are murdered with impunity. The Israelis cheer, most of the world is upset and Goliath yawns. The behavior of Israel calls into question no only whether Israel can survive, but if the the human race, composed of such war criminals, even has a right to survive. Maybe the only glimmer of hope is that things have to get very bad in order to get better and we are almost to the bottom of the cesspool now!

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