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Backpacks for Beit Ummar: Consider Contributing.

August 21, 2018

Beit Ummar Backpacks.

Dear Friends…

About a year ago, a group of us came together to form what is called “The Center for Freedom and Justice-Colorado.” We are now beginning our second year. CFJ-Colorado is essentially a support group for a civic organization in Beit Ummar, West Bank, Palestine.

Beit Ummar is located in what is called “Area C” on the West Bank, an area completely under the control and domination of the Israeli military, known as the Israeli Defense Force. This is the area that is hit the hardest by the Israeli occupation. It experiences almost nightly raids, it has a higher number and percentage of young people in Israeli prisons than any other town in the West Bank.

Our little Colorado group is raising funds for backpacks (book bags) for kids for this academic year.

Both Nancy and I are involved in this project. We are hoping you will consider giving financial support and help us raise the funds for the backpacks.

To contribute:

Click on the link to contribute. It is a typical “Go Fund Me” arrangement.

If you prefer to mail checks you can do so. Please mail cash and checks to 1727 E. 25th Ave, Denver, CO 80205. Please make checks out to CFJ Colorado

For more in formation on Beit Ummar and our campaign:

The children of Beit Ummar live in an impoverished community where 60 percent of the adult population is unemployed. The village is under military occupation and is surrounded by six Israeli settlements.  More than 100 children from Beit Ummar are incarcerated in Israeli jails. Children face the horror of night-time military raids on their homes and a constant fear that they or members of their families will be taken away or their houses demolished.  The trauma of these children cannot be adequately described.

The Center for Freedom and Justice in Palestine has launched a campaign in the U.S. to provide the children in Beit Ummar and surrounding villages with school backpacks –  a symbol of dignity and to show they are not alone in the world.  Please give some hope to these children and donate what you can.


The location of the school bag project would be Southern Hebron Hills including Beit Ummar, Jala, Sorouf, Aroob Refugee Camp, Algaba’a, and Bethlehem area as well.

The total children we hope to reach is 300 Child.

The amount of one school bag is 30 NIS = $8

The amount of one school bag supplies is 15 NIS = $4

The total for one school bag with its supply is 50 NIS = $12.00

The target number of children is 300 X $12.00 is $3600.00

Administration cost including transportation would be $100 total.

Project total cost is $3700.00

To learn more about the situation in Beit Ummar please visit our Facebook Page at Center for Freedom and Justice – Colorado. You can also visit the Center For Freedom and Justice’s Facebook page or their website.

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