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Kurdish Troops Withdraw from Manbij – Rob Prince on RT-USA

January 4, 2019

Kurdish Troops take over Manbij, Syria – in tandem with the Syrian National Army as the U.S. military withdraws some of its forces.

So…RT – USA (Russian news site) is blasted as simply low-level Moscow propaganda. There is some of

that to be sure, but generally speaking one learns a lot more about what is actually happening in the Middle East – or elsewhere – from RT than from other news sources, certainly from reading the NY Times or tuning in to CBS, etc.

And keep this in mind – if inside the US of A – where it is savaged pretty much daily, out there in “the real world” it has somewhere in the area of 700,000,000 (that is seven hundred million) listeners a day. Whatever the number – it is a sizable chunk of the human species. And.. as it challenges what could be considered the “main stream narrative” of events in the Middle East and elsewhere it represents a threat to the powers that be in this fair land. Don’t want to undermine the main stream narrative, do we?

In much of the Third World it has replaced first the BBC whose credibility has dropped precipitously (other than its history programs), once popular CNN, long discredited for its reporting on the 2003 US led invasion of Iraq , and then more recently as the stock of Al Jazeera (stock meaning audience size) has declined, it is RT that has emerged a source considered more reliable than the two above. RT claims that 2.5 billion (that is 2,500,000,000) people have checked in at their YouTube site. Dunno if that is accurate…but whatever the figure is, I have little doubt that more people around the world are watching and listening to RT than the BBC, CNN or Al Jazeera..

Despite what some friends might think, RT-USA has given a more sober and accurate account of the developments in Syria certainly more than any other news outlet in the USA (TomDispatch and a few other sites excluded). Anyhow, somehow they got my name – dunno how – and read a recent blog entry and what do you know – yesterday my five minutes of passing fame on RT-USA. About the US withdrawal from Syria

So…Rob Prince on RT-USA – Kurdish troops begin withdrawal from Manbij

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  1. William Conklin permalink
    January 4, 2019 3:26 pm

    How cool to see Rob on RT. Keep up the good work Rob.

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