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In Solidary With Angela Davis – 2 – Statement of Rev. Larry Grimm, Guest Blogger

January 10, 2019

Fania and Angela Davis…sisters in struggle and in life

(Note. I don’t remember when it was that I first met Larry Grimm, sometime in the mid 1990s but I am not even certain of that. What I do remember well is the way we worked together to help put together the founding conference of “Friends of Sabeel” in Colorado some years ago. Friends of Sabeel continues – a solid human rights organization concerned with the fate of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. A number of its key members here in Colorado are Christians who have served their different denominations in the Palestinian Territories. They know the score. 

Larry and I have decided to share our letters to the Birmingham Jewish Federation protesting the pressure they exerted on the Birmingham Civil Rights Organization to rescind a human rights award to Angela Davis. Larry tried to email his but the communication was rejected. Not sure if the Birmingham Jewish Federation’s site has been taken down or if they simply use a filter to discriminate or censor emails. Whatever. I suggest that Larry and others inclined to do so to simply put their communications to BJF in the mail. 

Here is Larry’s statement…)

The Rev. Dr. Larry A. Grimm

January 9, 2019

Birmingham Jewish Federation

3966 Montclair Rd., Mountain Brook

Birmingham, AL 35213

Perhaps the Federation, locally and Internationally, may learn from the response to their sabotage of the City’s move to honor Angela Davis. The world has changed its view of the Israeli Military Occupation of Palestine.

So often we fail in empathy. For years the Palestinian people have suffered under the Manifest Destiny of Zionism called Greater Israel. Most Americans have shrugged their shoulders when the topic comes up and most government officials, their conscience having been purchased by pro-Zionist lobbies, have declined debate of the issues, ignoring the facts of oppression inherent in colonial movements.

Your action against this American Icon for Justice has brought home to many that military occupation can be virtual as well as actual. As has the anti-BDS legislation, the actions of the Federation are infringements upon everyone’s freedom of speech and assembly in America. We have the best Congress that money can buy and though Zionists of diverse religious affiliations have bought votes regarding Israeli Occupation and Oppression, perceptions are growing that this is Jewish money. Does that not concern the Federation? Especially when the President thinks there are “good people” on both sides?

For the safety and well being of Jewish Americans and their service for Justice and peacemaking, you must apologize for your actions in Birmingham. Rescind the action taken to sabotage her reward. Open up to the possibility that you may be wrong. Of course, to do so, you much also consider that uncritical support of Zionism is also wrong. I have taught that uncritical support of the USA is wrong and dangerous. You must see that is so for Greater Israel.

Tikkun. The name of Judaism needs restoration. Lead the pack. Take advantage of this mistake to open the way for American Judaism to dissociate from Greater Israel and seek real justice.



Larry Grimm


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