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The Denver Municipal Election results – Overall morning-after assessment: bad but could be worse.

May 8, 2019

Candi CdeBaca…still in there. Worth supporting

The Denver Municipal Election results – Overall morning- after assessment: bad but could be worse.

Initiative 300 – “Right to Survive” homeless initiative clobbered – no surprise, still expect and hope that Denver Out Loud will soldier on. What choice do they/we have? Vote a reflection of the deepening prejudice against homeless people, ugly, racist, fear mongering advertising – some $2 million – behind it. So, back to the drawing board …la lutta continua.

The Mayoral Race run-off – two sides of the same development coin. Still, Lisa Calderon (whom we supported) had a respectable showing… hope that she hangs in there and continues to build broaden her base.

Council races…biggest disappointment – results in our district, District one where Amanda Sandoval will face off with Mike Somma… Without going into details, both represent different but competing factions of the districts old guard, little more. Run-off will be about as boring as the mayoral one. Can’t say – for different reasons that the community will benefit that much from either of them. We need new faces, new ideas – about limiting the gentrification epidemic, the bleeding of our working class, Chicano residents, etc. Neither of these candidates will do squat to address these issues. They are both old wine in not so new bottles. Hope they both lose.

In other races, only worth commenting on District 9, 10..where Candi CdeBaca and Chris Hinds were able to get enough votes to force a run-off. Both ran strong, focused campaigns and have shown that they have a base of support that gives them a shot at winning. Will use our waning political influence to support both.

Mary Beth Sussman and Paul Lopez, would have done better to call it a day and step aside, but they couldn’t seem to do that, could they? Both spent political forces,

Bottom line – regardless of who wins, no substantial changes at the mayor’s office – the real power in the city, expect continued rampant development, displacement, a police force that is out of control and a city that cannot bring under control the many forces that, “for a few dollars more” will bring this city to its knees in time.

Possibly a slight shift in the city council – depends on how the run offs play out, but not much.

Cheers, still living the dream…

Westword Reporting on the election results.

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  1. William Conklin permalink
    May 8, 2019 8:08 am

    As long as the neo-liberals run the world, things won’t change, but their time is coming. There are only two possible futures. We are going to have either barbarism or socialism. Since most of the middle class does not understand this issue, that time may not come quickly. However, mass migration with global warming might destabilize the Capitalist Hegemony quicker than we realize.

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