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Yom Kippur (by a fake Jew)

October 8, 2019

Jewish home on Djerba, Tunisia. North African Jewry – a shadow of its past.

Actually there is nothing “fake” about Lisa Danielle Gallant’s Judaism. This poem touches something more profound than going to synagogue. 

Lisa is the daughter of my late cousin, Elizabeth Bradspies Gallant whom I miss. 

Yom Kippur (by a “fake Jew”) by Lisa Danielle Gallant.

I did not fast today,
nor refrain from work.
I did not pray to a god I don’t believe in,
nor abstain from washing.
I did not ask for forgiveness
although I’m certain I’ve caused pain.
I reflected though, on this past year,
on my actions towards others, towards myself, and towards the greater good.
I found strength in my family.
I found love in my heart.
I found confidence, peeking shyly around the corners, but demanding to be heard.
I found gratitude for my relationships, for my strengths, for my body, even in it’s struggles.
May I be granted a fresh start this year.
May I be gentle with my beauty.
May I be strong when I need to be and may I please, have a soft place to land.

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