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Sanders’ victories in Iowa and New Hampshire Belittled by Washington Post

February 12, 2020

Erasmus High School on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, New York today, from whence Bernie Sanders graduated.

“Sanders Wins But He’s Not The Big Story Coming Out of New Hampshire”? …an op ed in the Washington Post today by Jennifer Rubin. Suggestion from the article is that Buttigieg is. Sanders’ victory is played down, Buttigieg’s second place is played up…

So let’s go over this – after having been written off as a non-candidate, shat upon (is that the proper verb in the past tense?) by the mainstream media, mercilessly attacked by the declining Clinton faction of the Dem Party, Bernie Sanders wins (you know that thing Americans are obsessed with – WINNING) the first two primaries in small states with lily white constituencies that in no way represent the ethnic/racial mix in the country…
But Bernie Sanders is not the the big story?
Of course he is.
I can see the headlines when Sanders wins the presidency. “Sanders won but the fact that Trump got some votes – that’s the big story”…I know some of my friends – good people – support Buttigieg and – with the exception of the two highly unqualified Colorado presidential hopefuls – both “nothings” run by powerful (if different) political brokers.
Until now I have not wanted to go after the other candidates and I won’t go through a long litany here about why Buttigieg is a terrible choice – other to say that his campaign is all platitudes, little substance and the fact that he has managed to garner so much financial billionaire support should more than raise eyebrows.
As Biden rightly fades from the scene – if he had any sense he’d follow Yang and Bennet and just call it a day – but he doesn’t – anyhow, as Biden continues to shoot himself in the foot every time, it seems, he opens his mouth, Buttigieg’s star will temporarily rise among the moderate Dems who don’t understand that they are living in a world that no longer exists. But Pete Buttigieg’s a dead end. Nothing more, nothing less. Trump will make mincemeat out of him should he get the nomination (through the anti-Sanders’ machinations of the national Dems who run the party).
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