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No to a Bloomberg Candidacy….

February 18, 2020

Stop and Frisk – A national case of racial profiling practiced by Michael Bloomberg while NYC mayor

No to a Bloomberg candidacy…
To this date Bloomberg has spent more than $350 million for his campaign. He is willing and can afford to put several billions into it. Over the years Bloomberg has given more than $10 billion to build a political and philanthropical empire. He used that money to suppress voices critical of him:
– Moon of Alabama –
A number of old acquaintances – good people all whom I am pleased to have gotten back in touch with, including several from my old high school, Jamaica High School in Queens, NY (from where I graduated in June, 1962) seem to be quite enthusiastic about – or at least clearly interested in – Michael Bloomberg’s current candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency.
I do not share their interest or enthusiasm – as made clear in some irreverent comments on social media not long ago. He’d be an awful choice and I do believe that should Michael Bloomberg succeed in buying his way to the nomination that he would lose to Donald Trump. What would the choices be? In the end it would be a question of voting for the billionaire (Bloomberg) rather than the billionaire’s shill (Trump). So little difference, why not vote for the totally reactionary, racist, xenophobic better known Trump than the lesser known version of the same thing, Bloomberg?
Plus so many of those new voters, swamping the party to be able to vote for Bernie Sanders – youth, people of color – what could be the new face of the Democratic Party – are not going to vote for the 9th wealthiest man in the world – whose reputation on racism, sexism, unbridled support for Israel essentially when all is said and done either matches or nearly matches that of Trump. No way that Bloomberg can create the energy, the excitement to bring in the new voters necessary to defeat Donald Trump. Bloomberg’s entry into the process is – no more, no less – than an attempt to derail Sanders’ momentum, force the Democratic Party convention into a second round brokered vote which would make it far more difficult for Sanders to win the nomination.
Every once in a while I have come across articles from the blog “Moon of Alabama.” Do not know who writes this but have read enough of his (?) stuff to know the author is well informed, his articles well researched and to the point. Here’s Moon of Alabama’s take on Bloomberg….
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  1. William Conklin permalink
    February 18, 2020 8:18 am

    Agreed totally, and Moon of Alabama, whoever he is, is a perceptive critic. Actually, I still think that Bloomberg is just an acrobat on the stage in the position to vault the Witch of Wall Street into position. It does seem bizarre, but we’ve spent three years with the Orange Golem of Twitter.

  2. Mike Wilzoch permalink
    February 18, 2020 8:21 am

    The only way to support Bloomberg is to purposefully look away from a record that is to the right of even establishment Dems (though it is they who are counting on him to stop Bernie at the convention): 3 terms as a Republican mayor; introduced W at the GOP convention in 04, when the war he fully supported was clearly based on lies to disastrous effect; against any increase in the minimum wage–ever; derides plans to tax the uber wealthy as “socialist.” His history of race relations is truly despicable. His apology for the catastrophe that was stop and frisk comes 20 years too late, and arrives only after he decided to run for POTUS. Even this weak tea is belied by his spoken words that should send a chill down the spine of anyone saying that his entry into the race could somehow be positive.


  1. Why not Bernie? Why not Bloomberg? Why not…? – With a Cane

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