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Ode To Joe Biden (from a Sanders’ Supporter)

March 4, 2020

Healthcare for All could help her; Bernie Sanders an ardent supporter; Joe Biden probably doesn’t even know what it means

Ode to Joe Biden

Trying to figure out what’s the deal with Biden – of course the part that is clear from the Clinton et. al. – anyone but Bernie. But Biden? Plenty of stuff coming out about his piss-poor history – his racism, his caving to Reagan-Trumpites, his war mongering re Iraq, his “disposition for appeasing the right,” etc. Don’t need to go through that. Friends on social media have exposed him for his awful politics.

It’s an issue thing… In the end, their rhetoric aside – the Clintons oppose Healthcare for all, forgiving student debt, any serious lid on natural gas fracking, strong anti-racist legislation, affirmative action, free public higher education and any attempt to cut the military budget for infrastructural improvements or social programs, the issues Bernie stands for. All of these programs are considered “impractical” – except they are all doable and eminently practical.

It looks to me that moderate Dems – Clinton et. al – tried everything to see what would fly and now they’ve settled on mediocrity and increasing senility – Joe Biden

Of course I couldn’t prove it…by my sense is they’ve tried a series of trial balloons to counter Sanders including:

Buttigieg (who tried hard to sound like Obama), Klobuchar, Beto O’Rouke – none of whom worked. I am convinced that Mike Bloomberg’s trying his hat – and half a billion dollars – into the ring was another trial balloon from another angle, but in the end the Democratic National Committee (D.N.C.) settled on Biden. Between then all they have some delegates to deny Bernie S. a first ballot nomination at the Democratic Convention.

What sad – no, pathetic – choice. I am among those who argue that Donald Trump will make mince meat out Joe Biden and very possibly Trump’s victory in 2020 will rival Ronald Reagan’s in 1984. Indeed Walter Mondale was a much stronger candidate than Biden could ever be. Joe Biden is such a weak candidate, and the whole world – including the D.N.C. – knows it.

The burning question, in the unlikely prospect  there would be a Biden presidency is – who will run the show behind the scenes? The oil and gas industry as it was under “W”, the military industries as it was under Ronnie “Jelly Bean” Reagan, or Goldman Sachs (as it was under Obama) or some combination there of.

From this I draw two conclusions..

– That the D.N.C. and the forces behind it (big business, the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industry, health insurance, high finance) knowing what a weak choice Biden is, still, when all is said and done prefer a Donald Trump victory to a Bernie Sanders’ presidency. Again it speaks to the venality of the “mainstream Democratic Party leadership

– That should accidentally – and it would be that – Biden becomes the next president – he will preside in the same fashion as two other intellectual lowlifes who won the position in the past – Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. In fact, Biden is little more than the Democratic Party’s version of Reagan – hardly a brain in his head, inarticulate and despite his years of experience – pretty much of a dolt. 

– Reagan main skill, besides eating jelly beans, was little more than reading other people’s scripts; as for “W”, his mind addled by years of cocaine addiction, I have read somewhere that he’s pretty good with a chain saw.

These personal limitations reveal how the Reagan and Bush presidencies actually worked. Reagan’s was run by Casper Weinberger, James Watt, Ed Meese and Alexander Haig; in “W”‘s presidential team, Vice President Dick Cheney had a dominant role along with the likes of Donald Rumsfeld. The last few years of Ronald Reagan’s administration it was later admitted that “Ronnie” was already suffering from Alzheimers. But frankly he wasn’t much more alert the first years either. As for “W” he was good at photo

Earth Day. March for Science. Denver, Colorado. April 22, 2017

ops, but then got caught reading a children’s book upside down.

Biden is cut out of the same mold. He fits the bill for the lyrics of a John Forster song:

Way down deep, you’re shallow, superficial to the core!

Beneath your surface, there’s just more surface, and beneath that, nothing more.

The burning question, in the unlikely prospect  there would be a Biden presidency is – who will run the show behind the scenes? The oil and gas industry as it was under “W”, the military industries as it was under Ronnie “Jelly Bean” Reagan, or Goldman Sachs (as it was under Obama) or some combination there of.

Cause he’s just a mouthpiece or front for others.

It’s not to late; Bernie Sanders is still very much in the running.


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  1. Mike Schoenberg permalink
    March 4, 2020 8:23 pm

    So you want 4 more yrs. of Trump. Your my way or nada makes me sick. Rob you should read the latest Foreign Affairs to see that Biden is not the dimwit you portray him to be. We’ve been here before with the Know Nothings and the McCarthy era.

    • March 4, 2020 8:56 pm

      Biden is a very weak candidate regardless of how Foreign Affairs tries to pump him
      And if you’re sick Michael try two aspirin and 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C
      Otherwise hope you are well

  2. William Watts permalink
    March 5, 2020 9:03 am

    Reading this whilst listening to CNNs news about Elizabeth Warren dropping out. With the the democrat establishment pushing Biden I’m not sure that even if she endorses Bernie that he can get the nomination.

    • March 5, 2020 10:22 am

      yes, it will be a fight…

    • Mike Schoenberg permalink
      March 5, 2020 8:40 pm

      Do you want four more years of Trump. Are any of us saints. Grow up

      • March 5, 2020 9:14 pm

        Look – first of all – Michael, you’re a bit hysterical, now for the second time. I usually wouldn’t even post such remarks, and could easily respond both personally and politically harshly, but as you are a good man and we have a history of working together for peace, I’ll let this one pass… although this is the last time. I won’t post any more of your little outbursts.

        This is not a dialogue – it’s just you expressing your fears, and in the process, taking cheap personal shots. Frankly I haven’t said how I will vote nor have I made up my mind so you’re already jumping the gun on your insults.

        My answer is simple – I support Bernie Sanders’campaign to become the Democratic Party nominee. I think he has the best chance to beat Trump. I don’t think much of Joe Biden – both his record – which is pretty piss pour even for a mainstream Democrat and that much more given who’s backing him. The contest between Sanders and Biden is rather close. I don’t know how it will play out obviously. But I will work for Sanders – as will Nancy – as long as he’s in the fray. He’s a better candidate, more in line with politics that I (actually “we”) believe in.

        It’s not as if I am alone in supporting Bernie Sanders. Millions of others do… and are showing it both by voting for him in the primaries and dishing out one heck of a lot of $. He’s captured the imagination of millions of young Americans, Latinos and some older folk like myself. As although I don’t underestimate the hoops he’s got to go through both the get the nomination and win the presidency – it’s still in the cards.

        It’s not just you, Michael – I’ve seen similar “angst” from others, moderate Dems.

        Why isn’t your anger focusing on all the dirty tricks the Clintons, that scumbag Bloomberg, the DNC are pulling. Every day another one. Voter suppression, the complete moral corruption of the $550 million that Bloomberg spent to undermine the Sanders campaign, etc. etc. These things don’t seem to bother you – instead you turn your wrath, your contempt – for that is what is coming from you – on me and “folks like me”.

        • Mike Schoenberg permalink
          March 6, 2020 9:05 am

          Rob, I’m not being hysterical. The choice is 4 more yrs. of Trump or not. To think that Sanders has a ghost of a chance is crazy. Look at the national picture. Voter suppression is a Republican thing. It’s time for real politic not idealism

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