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Now the Calwood Fire moving into Lyons, Colorado Area

October 18, 2020

View from the Fey Lyons farm in 1972, Stonebridge Farm as it named. The mountains in the background are aflame today. The Feys (my inlaws) had a farm outside of town for many years.

Both sides of the Rockies from the Colorado Front Range north of Boulder to western end of the Rockies just east of Salt Lake – fires everywhere.

While still a ways from the Denver metro area, still, the fires are getting rather close to home now, including places near and dear to our hearts. The air quality index for the region continues to be poor to moderate – with places like Ft. Collins, Loveland, Longmont it spiking to dangerous levels.
This is the latest news I could find from a google search – 3 hours old.
I had mistakenly thought that the fire which is causing Jamestown to evacuate was a part of the Cameron Peaks blaze, now aflame for more than 2 months since August 13 and the largest fire in Colorado history… but no, it is a second fire which has ignited called the Calwood fire, threatening Lyons, the smoke of which has been billowing across Boulder, Niwot and Longmont – seen from Denver. It is moving quickly in a number of directions, including east towards the plains.
The the Calwood fire has exploded in a number of direction with great force. It has been exceedingly dry here in Colorado for some time – something that has worried me as I wake each morning and look for rain and find none in the forecast. 60 mile an hour winds have made things worse.
Now this…

One of the places now under fire alert is Lyons Colorado – a few miles outside of which –  where Nancy and siblings grew up… where we spent so much time over the years, where our 1975 wedding reception was held in field along the property’s west ditch.  The farm, Stonebridge Farm, could be on the fire’s path from what I can tell.

At one point last night, the fire jumped to the east of Highway 36 towards Longmont, the north-south road between Boulder and Longmont, but firefighters were able to neutralize it.

As of this morning: Road Closures according to the Boulder Office of Emergency Preparedness.

  • Olde Stage @ Lee Hill Drive
  • Lee Hill Drive @ Lefthand Canyon Drive
  • Broadway @ US 36
  • Neva Road @ US 36
  • Nelson Road @ US 36
  • St. Vrain @ US 36
  • Hygiene Road @ US 36
  • Overland Road @ CR 87
  • Overland Road @ Peak To Peak Highway (CO 72)
  • Lefthand Canyon Drive @ James Canyon Drive
  • Peak To Peak Highway (CO 72) @ CO 7
  • South St. Vrain @ Old South St. Vrain
  • Lefthand Canyon Drive @ US 36
  • US 36 @ CO 66
Evacuation center is open at 1333 Iris Ave. in Boulder.
This YouTube was taken sometime last night, posted at 3 am this morning –  .
CNN article follows
An earlier related blog entry.
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  1. Mike Schoenberg permalink
    October 18, 2020 7:49 am

    To me it seems just another reason to wear a face mask. With the smoke in the air it seems there will be health issues down the line

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