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Audio: “Four Years of Trump’s Middle East Policy: Waste Deep in the Big Muddy and the Big Fool Said To Push On” ” Tuesday, October 27, 2020 @ 6-7pm MST, KGNU: Hemispheres, Middle East Dialogues, hosted by Jim Nelson.

October 28, 2020

Statue of Tunisian born historian and sociologist Ibn Khaldun in downtown Tunis. (1332-1406). He wrote a penetrating analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations… something still relevant today. Photo taken in December, 2011 just after the fall and expulsion of the Ben Ali government, thus the tank and barbed wire.


Audio: “ .

Jim Nelson interviews Ibrahim Kazerooni and Rob Prince.

What has the Trump Administration accomplished in the Middle East in four years?

We expected little and we got less. Listen to a detailed discussion.

As the ad for the program noted:

Tonight on Hemispheres the Middle East Dialogues continues with Ibrahim Kazerooni and Rob Prince. This evening Ibrahim and Rob will discuss what the last four years of Trump foreign policy in the Middle East has brought to the region. Kazerooni and Prince four years ago predicted that the Trump administration’s Middle East policy would be characterized with a lack of vision and really don’t expect much improvement over the Obama adminstration policy. Well, four years later every U.S. led (or orchestrated) attempt at regime change has failed; there are uprisings against the U.S. military presence and U.S policy throughout the region and U.S. influence as a hegemonic power in the region has tanked as never before. Where is U.S. Middle East foreign policy headed now? A new renaissance? Prince and Kazerooni will probe the role of Turkey, which has emerged, along with traditional U.S. allies Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt as a key regional player in Syria, Libya and now in Central Asia as well; and don’t forget how Russia playing a larger role in the region. That’s tonight on Hemispheres.

And that essentially describes what the program covered.

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  1. William Conklin permalink
    October 29, 2020 12:43 pm

    Another insightful discussion. The the Middle East will always be of great interest to the Empire. After all, it is where God dug up the dust to make Adam and where Mohammad went up to speak with the Old Guy. While all the time it was the home of the Jews and the most important burial place of crude in the world. Since the Garden of Eden was the first forest, there were many years of vegetable matter to sink into the sand. Now, however, it is a God Forsaken Place and across the sea is a Leviathan headed by Apollodorus the two headed dog who guards the castle. The two heads are fighting with each other over who gets to drive the Red White and Blue Tesla. One head is an incompetent old man and the other is an orange clown. They are both marvelous Zionists although the Clown is the best. He murders Arabs with more display than the more experienced war criminal. He made Jerusalem the Capitol of Israel to safeguard Jesus’ return on the camel he stole from Mohammad. And meanwhile the Jews for Trump march in New York to solidify the deal.

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