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Horace Campbell on the situation in Ethiopia, resolving ethnic conflicts, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

January 16, 2021

Great Ethiopian Renaissasnce Dam


December 4, 2020 KPFA


Dr. Horace Campbell, Director of African Initiative, African American Studies and Political Science at Syracuse University speaks on the recent conflict in Ethiopia and on ideas of how to resolve the tensions between Egypt and Ethiopia (and the other countries which share the waters of the Nile River) concerning the completion of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

This is a part of an interview that appeared on KPFA in Berkeley, CA on December 4, 2021

Twenty minute interview – section on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam starts around 16 minutes into the interview.

Seven weeks old, but still entirely relevant.

Both in terms of resolving ethnic conflicts in the country and resolving the issues surrounding the completion of the dam between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia Dr. Campbell offers frank but concrete suggestions concerning how to resolve these conflicts peacefully.

Contrast that with (soon-to-be) ex U.S. President Trump’s comment that Egypt might blow up the dam…

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