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Jewish Voice for Peace’s Campaign to Oppose Facebook Criminalizing Anti-Zionism – A Discussion with two JVP-Denver/Boulder Activists. Sunday, February 21 @10am MST

February 18, 2021

Jewish Voice for Peace – Denver/Boulder


The interview on YouTube


Live interview with Ari Harms and Neal Feldman of Jewish Voic for Peace Denver/Boulder – Sunday morning, February 21 @ 10 am MST.

Fighting Anti-Semitism, Opposing Facebook’s Efforts to Criminalize Anti-Zionism – a National Campaign by Jewish Voice for Peace.
Tune in
This from JVP nationally:
The Israeli government and some of its supporters are asking Facebook to add “Zionist” as a protected category in its hate speech policy — that is, to treat “Zionist” as a proxy for “Jew” or “Jewish.”

Facebook, we need to talk — and you’re not letting us. So we’re launching a campaign to make sure you do.

Cooperating with the Israeli government’s request would undermine efforts to dismantle antisemitism, deprive Palestinians of a crucial venue for expressing their political viewpoints to the world, and help the Israeli government avoid accountability for its violations of Palestinian rights.

Link to JVP’s petition on Facebook

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