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The U.S. War In Syria – Where is the U.S. peace movement? Why has it – in large measure – swallowed the mainstream narrative cool aid? – 1. An Interview with Aaron Mate – of Push Back, the Gray Zone. KGNU Hemispheres – Middle East Dialogues. March 30, 2021

March 31, 2021

The U.S. orchestrated war against Syria with the goal of overthrowing the Syrian government and partitioning the country, is now ten years old. The United States and its side has, by all measures, lost that war, failed in its goals, and yet the United States military continues to occupy one-third of the country, to steal Syrian oil, to destroy Syrian wheat fields and the maintain some of the harshest sanctions against the Damascus government that any country has ever endured, a kind of version of the Nazi seige of Leningrad in slow motion.

When the United States invaded Iraq – there was a major peace movement both in the USA and worldwide against that invasion and Washington’s plans to partition, de facto, the country. Yet no such movement, or hardly, was triggered by the U.S. led and orchestrated invasions of Libya and Syria in which, while Washington directed “from backstage” were still America’s wars fought by proxies. Hiding behind the thin veneer of “humanitarian intervention” Washington has been able to neutralize and pacify its domestic opposition in large measure.

And yet Washing is responsible for – and continues to be responsible for – some of the worst war crime of modern history and turn their war cynically into a “crusade for democracy and human rights”. Make no mistake – if the war is fought by proxies – takfiri mercenaries from all over the world, trained, armed, funded by the likes of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel – the Syrian War – now ten years old – is stamped “Made in USA”.

KGNU Hemispheres Middle East Dialogues interviews Aaron Mate, world class progressive journalist on the U.S. war in Syria.

(Note – there were some technical problems at the outset and so the first minutes are a bit choppy, but the interview proceeds smoothly after that. RJP)

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