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Ethiopia – Straightening Out The Record – an Interview on the Breakfast Club.

June 20, 2021
Taste of Ethiopia, Aurora, Colorado. August 3, 2019

Note how these Ethiopian friends (link below) had to fight to get a hearing in the media.

It is this kind of grassroots pressure from the mainstream Ethiopian Community along with their American friends – not those within it who claim to be its voice – that will make a difference in the long road ahead.

Once again the media is being weaponized against a movement – in this case a whole country, Ethiopia – trying to free itself from foreign – and imperialist – domination. Ethiopia seeks its own independent development path, one that threatens both regional and global hegemons. Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s prime minister is being vilified – as a pretext for regime change – as was Eva Morales, Hugo Chavez, Yaser Arafat, and many others have been over the years. At the very least, what is happening amounts to targeted character assassination meant to put pressure on Ethiopia for regime change of one sort or another.

A more honest, balanced explanation of what is happening in Ethiopia is needed.

Keep in mind two points

1. There are currently two bills – one in the Senate, the other in the House – that have set the stage for the State Department to slap sanctions against Ethiopia – they are based on misinformation

2. The term “Tigray People’s Liberation Front”, “TPLF” is misleading. It sounds like a progressive, anti-Imperialist “national liberation front” – instead it is Ethiopia’s version of the Nicaraguan Contras, no more, no less.

In the interview below done on “The Breakfast Club” three Ethiopians clear up misconceptions about what is happening in Ethiopia. Good interview – addresses much misinformation circulating in the media echo chamber.

Dawit Asghedom, Simon Tesfamariam & Lidet Muleta On Dangers Of Media Covering The Tigray Conflict

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