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CFJ – Colorado Interviews local Palestinian scholar and activist, Nadine Ibrahim.

October 4, 2021

Nadeen Ibrahim


I’d like to start with my name. From the moment that I was born, it was the moment that started that spirit, that fiery activism that is largely driven by my Palestinian identity. I like to remind people about where I come from, and who I am because those factors are intrinsic to the passion and motivation that I have for my age.

My name is Nadeen Muaatasem Mamoun Ibrahim Karaja

The reason that I share that name is because that name shares my lineage and it shows my connection with Filistine (Palestine in Arabic), a family connection that has been documented gong back 700 years. In fac the very structures of where my Dad’s tribe, the “Karaj” comes from is right outside of Ramallah. The land has been ours for more than 700 years. My dad is in the process of restoring a lot of those old structures to maintain their integrity.

The second part of my name, al Qassem, is my Dad’s name. Being Palestinian, your name often tells who you are, which family you are a part of,, but also because families come from certain geographic areas, from their names you can tell from where they come in Filistine.

Nadeen Ibrahim will discuss her organizing work and activism, as well as her master’s thesis on how the Israeli government weaponized a variety of land policies to increase and fund settlement construction as a means to change the demographics on Palestinian lands.
Nadeen M. Ibrahim is a seasoned community organizer with more than 7 years of experience in Colorado. She has largely and intersectionally organized for the Palestinian, Muslim, immigrant, and refugee communities, given her identities. Some of her flagship projects include co-founding the Colorado Muslim Leadership Council, Denver Day of Dignity, and Muslim Youth Empowerment Conference.
Her unwavering commitment to advocating for Palestine and Palestinians is driven by her identity. She was born in the city of Jerusalem during the Oslo Accords and maintains deep connections with her family and land in Palestine. Nadeen most recently completed her Master’s of Public Policy at the University of Oxford, England.

Palestinian opposing be expelled from their homes in Sheik Jaffar Neighborhood of Jerusalem

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