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Demonstration in Aurora Colorado Tomorrow (Sunday, November 21, 2021) 14200, E. Alameda 1 pm

November 20, 2021


No more U.S. intervention

Respect Ethiopia’s Democracy

No More Support for TPLF Insurrectionists

This is a nationally sponsored event organized by the Black Alliance for Peace and the Answer Coalition…
I’ll be there, hope you will be too…
I anticipate a considerable turnout from Colorado’s Ethiopian Community. Here is a chance for you to see that Community in all its diversity and strength and see just how marginal and frankly irrelevant is the TPLF that some of you think well of because you read an article in the BBC, saw a report in Human Rights Watch (which has a penchant for encouraging US wars of intervention based on “humanitarian” intervention – an oxymoron if ever that was one) or spoke to one of their friends here in Colorado.
Remarks of Dr. Ajamu Baraka National Organizer and Spokesperson for the Black Alliance for Peace, it, one of the two national organizations sponsoring the national – actually international day of solidarity with Ethiopia.


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